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Blogs I Follow

These blogs are all very informative and educational. Plus, it’s fun to watch others and follow along with their journey as we try to accomplish similar goals. I will be periodically updating this list. Here are some of the Blogs I follow:






Dividend Appreciation

Dividend Diplomats

Dividend Driven

Dividend Geek

Dividend Growth Center

Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Hawk

Dividend Liberty

Dividend Mantra

Dividend Monk

Dividend Monkey

Dividend Portfolio

Dividend Solutions

Financial Samurai

Investment Hunting

Mr. All Things Money

Mr. Free at 33

Mr. Money Mustache

Passive Canadian Income

Passive Income Dude


Seeking Alpha

The College Investor

The DIV-Net

The Dividend Guy

The Dividend Life

The Road to One Million

Two Investing




Dividend Kingdom



Personal Capital

I use the free Personal Capital tool all the time. It keeps my finances all in one convenient location and automatically updates them for me. They also provide many other useful tools and trackers including Net Worth, Investment, Retirement, etc. The investment tracker is great for finding high fees that are wasting your hard earned money. I also like the allocation page to make sure my investments are allocated properly in a sector. Did I mention that it is FREE? So it is worth a try if you have never used it before. I would highly recommend it.


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