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Archive for the ‘Taxes’ Category

A New Take on Taxes

    With tax season already upon us, there are many emotions flying around. Stressed, trying to get all of your paperwork together to file in time. Anxious, to see how much you will get back or if you have to pay more. And excited, to receive your refund check and have a little extra money in your account.


    Taxes seem to be the conversation topic most discussed among my peers lately. I have talked to friends, coworkers, business owners, accountants, and tax professionals, which all have very different opinions on the subject. While all had valid points, a few individuals brought up ideas that have completely changed the way I look at taxes. Below I have compiled a list to share.

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Checklist for Year End

    As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to review and reflect upon the past year. All of your triumphs and falls, as well as good times had with family and friends. Mark things off of your checklist as you set new goals for the upcoming year. Finally, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the holiday season right?


    Almost, but there are still things to address before year end. I’m not talking about gift shopping or venturing out to see the in-laws. I’m referring the checklist for your financial well being. Check out these tips to help you enter into 2017 with piece of mind.

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Winter is Coming… I mean Tax Season


    Yes winter is upon us (at least those of us in the northern states) and that means tax season is right around the corner. While no one enjoys taxes, it is beneficial to have knowledge of it. It is important to know some tax rules in order to take full advantage of it’s deductions.

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