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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Portfolio Optimization 2017

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We are constantly looking at our watch lists and trying to figure out what will be the next stock purchase. But it is important to review your current portfolio and make sure it is doing what it needs to be doing. Every year around the fourth quarter, I look to see if there is a way to optimize my portfolio in any way. Let’s take a look at my recent buy and sell in order to accomplish this.

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New Additions/ Updates Made To The Site

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your September as much as I am. Especially being a quarter ending month, I hope to see some big dividend numbers out of everyone soon. But with still a few weeks left to go in the month, we can talk about dividend gains later. Recently, I have seen a few of the other members of the DGI community posting about their 1 year blogging anniversary. To those of you who have already crossed this mark or just recently posted about it, congrats again!



It got me thinking about this site, especially since my one year mark is still coming up in a few short months. Now when the time comes, I fully intent to write a post about it. I’m sure I will go over the typical what have I achieved since I started, what I have learned, what I still want to do or accomplish moving forward, etc. Those or any other future goals will probably end up in their own post come year end. But I don’t want this post to be about that.

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Equity Crowdfunding – A New Source of Passive Income?

    Private Equity has been around for a long time. An individual or firm provides money in order to get a business venture started. In turn, the investors own equity in the company and get a share of the profits. Crowdfunding has been getting very popular over the last few years especially on sites like KickStarter. People post ideas or things they need money for and people from all over the world can donate to the cause if you will. Sometimes it is just fun to read the posts on that site. I have seen anything from raising money to create movies, to some guy waning to make potato salad! The difference however, is these individuals simply donate money and do not get anything out of it afterward depending on what the kick start entails. An example is, if enough money was raised to fund a movie idea, the movie itself would be its own reward once completed. But what if these two ideas were merged together?

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11 Frugal Habits Of The Super Rich

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Update to Expense Tracker

    Last month, I added a new spreadsheet section to the blog.  One spreadsheet is the Expense Tracker. If you followed my last post about it, it measures your expenses against income giving you dollar figures to see where your money is spent. It deducts taxes also to predict what you will have left over at year end.  This week I made a few modifications to this spreadsheet.

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Be An Investor

I have been investing for a few years now and following the market for longer. During this time I have seen a lot. Both bull and bear markets, full sectors rising and falling, stock splits, dividend increases or decreases, new IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, just to name a few. While this is all normal for the market, the question remains. Why do I believe this is the best time to be an investor?

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New Spreadsheet – Expense Tracker

Last week I posted about adding a new section to this blog called Spreadsheets. So far, I have received a lot of positive feedback. Today, I have added one more called Expense Tracking.


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Introducing Spreadsheets



I have had a few people come to me recently who are interested in investing. After doing some of their own research, they became dazed with dividends (See what I did there?). One of the hardest parts of investing it just taking the plunge and getting started. We all have to start somewhere. So I figured I would give people a little help and a good starting point by putting it all into one place. Introducing a new section of this blog: Spreadsheets!

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Recent Sell – Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (HASI)

    With only a few days left until the new year, I honestly thought I was done making moves on my portfolio until then. As your investments grow and you start accumulating more stocks or add new companies, it takes longer and is harder to maintain upkeep on it. While we ideally like to hold stock in quality companies for the long term, this isn’t always the case. From time to time a stock may become volatile or will no longer fit into your portfolio.


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Optimize Portfolio for Year End 2016

    As the year is coming to a close it’s time to review and optimize my portfolio. I currently have a few stocks that are not performing how I want them to. So I am going to sell them off and reinvest the capital into another company.

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