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Dividend Update – December

   What an exciting month in the dividend world. I am especially excited at my results this month. Not only is this the first year I received any dividends in the month of December, but I also hit a record high for any month! See below for the details breakdown.



    COP – $8.41

    CVX – $45.22

    KO – $12

    TGT – $10.80


    These dividends add up to $76.43 for the month of December. I also own a position in Consolidated Edison (ED) which pays out this month. Unfortunately, I missed the mark and wasn’t able to purchase it until after the ex-dividend date so I won’t get it’s dividend until next year. Which just means that next year will be all that much better. 


How do you think I did this month? Did you hit any of your own highs? Feel free to comment.

4 Responses to “Dividend Update – December”

  • Dan:

    Great work Daze! Always fun to hit a record high month! You’re almost in triple digits as well, which I imagine will come soon!

    I anticipate December will be a record for me as well (all time record, ideally), so we will see. Keep it up,

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks! I can’t wait for triple digits. That will for sure be one of my goals going into the new year. I look forward to your next update and seeing records broken.

  • Congrats on achieving a record month. Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll be breaking many more records for passive income. I’m still waiting to calculate my Dec. totals but will write about it in early ’17. Nice to see a few names in common with my portfolio.

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks DH. Too bad all dividends kicked so early in the month and were done half way through. But it was still a great month. I look forward to reading your month and year updates once you post them.

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