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Dividend Updates

Dividend Update – February

    Two months are already completed for this year. Wow, how time files. February is usually a slow month for the dividend community, myself included. There were only a few exciting things going on. One, KO raised its dividend so I should see those results come April. Two, while I did not make any new buys this month, I did manage to save up and pay off my next semester of school. It doesn’t help out my portfolio, but it does keep me honest to my goals of managing debt and not taking any more on.


    All dividends have been accounted for in February and it’s time to review the results. Details are below:



    T – $22.46

    NNN – $12.92

    GIS – $7.68


    These dividends add up to $43.06 for this month. Unfortunately, is a 30.5% decrease from last year where I made $61.92 in dividends in February. Sadly, this is the first month I have had to report a loss from the prior year, but there are reasons behind the numbers.


    I was on track to hit my month high but HCP decided to move their ex-dividend date back one week, which caused their payment date to be moved into the next month. So I didn’t necessarily have a loss this month, rather the passive income just got pushed back. This will play a big role in my March dividends as I am already expecting to have a HUGE increase over the prior year. Keep posted for those results.


    Lastly, even though this year seems to have started out slow, let’s compare it to the prior years. In two months of 2017, I have already surpassed my entire year of dividends collected from 2015. And combining January and February together, there is still a positive YoY% gain over the first two months of 2016. That just goes to show you, the dividend snowball is forming and is in full effect.


    How did your portfolio do this month? Did anyone hit a high even on a slow month? Your comments are welcome below.



  1. Nice results even with the timing off on HCP. It happens. Happened to me last month which threw off my year over year results. Still, as long as you can put up a nice annual growth rate that’s what really matters. Nice to see GIS paying us both in Feb. Always like seeing similar stocks paying out from the portfolios I follow online.

    1. Yeah I remember KHC doing the same thing last month to you and many members of the community. I like GIS, and still feel it has value at the current price. Just wish I had some more free capital to add more to my position. Thanks for the comment!

    1. You have good taste in stocks I see haha. That’s the goal. As long as the YoY growth remains positive, the individual months don’t matter as much. Looking forward to what the rest of the year brings. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It’s not really a loss if a company moves it’s dividend but great job this month. I have a couple that switch months throughout the year makes it a little harder but overall it’s the yearly improvement I’m looking for. Good job keep it up

    1. I agree. It’s not a loss if it moves, and it’s just on paper anyway. As long as the yearly growth is there that is all that matters. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Even though it is a decrease from last year it really is just a artificial one. As you explained above, the real reason is because HCP moved the Ex dividend date back. I’m really interested in getting into GIS soon also! So many great stocks and no enough capital.

    1. Yeah, it’s unrealized and only on paper really. That dividend will still come. I’m a fan of GIS. I still feel it has great value, even at the current price. There never seems to be enough capital for buys when you want it haha. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you. I like GIS a lot. I want to buy some more but have limited capital right now. Also, I am trying to add a few new positions for diversity before adding to existing ones. But if the price is right and has value then I may buy more anyway. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Daze –

    Nice work and don’t sweat the decrease, as at least you know it wasn’t because of a cut, but moreso just a movement of the dividend, to which I know you enjoyed receiving it two days ago! Congrats and keep it up.


    1. Not a bad month at all. I was able to stay on track with my other goals. Having that dividend move to March may give me the boost I need to hit a record high and be the first time over $100 in a single month. As always, thanks for your comment.

    1. That’s the plan! YoY% growth is on track and increasing. The year is still early too so that should pick up more here soon. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey no worries Daze! I just reported a decline as well (AND part of it was due to HCP too!) I know how you feel! It’s all about the progress though! Keep it up,

    Passive Income Dude

    1. That’s all we can do. As long as there is YoY growth it’s a positive in my book. The HCP move will just make our March look that much more impressive. Thanks for the comment!

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