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Dividend Update – May

Wow, I can’t believe May is already over. That went so fast. Finally the weather is starting to turn and get warmer. I get to spend a lot more time outside playing sports and just enjoy the summer time. The best thing to remember though is, while you are out having fun, your invested money is still working for you! Let’s take a look at how my portfolio performed in May. See more details from May below:



    T– $22.72

    HCP– $18.62

    NNN – $13.05

    GIS – $7.74

    HRL – $5.10


May dividends, add up to $67.23 which represents a 7% increase from last year where I made $62.88.


Not a huge increase that I like to see but when every little bit helps, I’m ok with any increase. It Means the portfolio is moving in the right direction. First off, I noticed HCP is back on schedule paying their dividends after they changed the month last time it paid out. As for the small increase, it came from being paid from one extra company this month. My recent buy of HRL paid out for the first time for me. Sadly, I missed the ex-dividend date on my recent purchase of O, but that should start paying out this month and continue paying dividends monthly.


How did your portfolio perform in May? Did you make any new purchases? Did any stock pay out for the first time for you? What is your favorite thing to do when the weather is nice? Comments are always welcome below.


45 Responses to “Dividend Update – May”

  • 7% a year is all we can ask for – nice work DD.

    My favorite thing to do when the weather is nice is sit and read outside. I also enjoy biking and playing golf!

    Thanks for sharing your results

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks for your comment Erik. I agree, love reading outside in a lawn chair. Too bad I have so much to read and keep going back and forth between different books at once. What are you reading right now?

  • Nice results DD! We share the stocks you already mentioned on my blog. June will also be the first time O pays out to me!

    • Dividend Daze:

      I’m excited to finally see O pay out and work its monthly magic. With that alone compounding, should see some nice increases soon per month. Thanks for your comment.

  • Cold and stormy, hot and humid… those dividends continue to roll in. You just have to like that. Enjoy the warming weather. Nice to see you posted some year over year gains for the month. As you stated, every bit helps. As usual happy to see a few names in common like HCP, HRL and GIS paying you. In fact, I’m considering adding to my HCP in June should prices dip below $30. Keep up the good work!

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks DH! As I think I just wrote on your June stock consideration post, I missed my chance on HCP since it is already back near if not above my cost basis. But I am still looking at O for the nice monthly payments so may throw a little more money into that unless something else pops up with nicer value. Never know what Mr. Market will throw at us next. As always, thanks for your comment.

  • My dividend income this month was only 1/5 of yours racking at $13 LOL 🙂 however, my general passive income is at $4K, and YTD is breaking 5-figure for the first time. I think if we remain patience, it will payoff in the end.


    • Dividend Daze:

      Wow, look at you go. 5 figure YTD is awesome and it’s only after 5 month into the year. Plenty to go to keep breaking records! Thanks for your comment.

  • Congrats on a good month. Your snowball is starting to roll. Every increase is welcome!
    Keep up the good work!



    • Dividend Daze:

      Thank you. Ever little bit helps right. Any increase is a good increase. Still lots of year left to make new buys to increase it. Hope to see you around the site more often.

  • As you say, any increase is fine.
    Having 5 stock that pay, is a solid base

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks, I agree. Have to start somewhere. 5 companies is a good base until I can start building it up more. Just need capital and to find the right value. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi there,

    nice income there, with solid companies. Soon these numbers will get higher and higher.


    • Dividend Daze:

      That’s the plan. Starting to expand and get more companies. Unless the value is right then I’ll add to my positions. Love seeing these dividend numbers get bigger every month!

  • 7% increase is a nice step forward – great job !

  • Good stuff!

    I’ve added more NNN when it was down big recently. O and NNN are like owning the best house in the worst (Retail) neighborhood.

    T is already one of my biggest positions and not adding any more.

    Waiting on GIS to get cheaper so I can add it to my portfolio. GIS valuation is still a bit on the high side. Per my method, fair value is around $55.41, so it still has some ways to go before I can buy it at a higher dividend.

    HRL is a better quality company than GIS but dividend is too low.

    I got rid of HCP before they cut their dividend, I like HCN, VTR, and OHI and own all three of them, actually just added more OHI on a dip.

    • Dividend Daze:

      Yeah I have noticed NNN has been getting hit hard lately. Just picked up some O myself and would love to buy more because of the monthly dividend payments. More compounding.

      GIS has good value currently but we already missed the low point until it falls back down. As you said, there are better opportunities to be found.

      I still like HCP and don’t plan to sell. But OHI has been on my watch list for some time. Just never have the capital available when I need it. As always, I appreciate your comments.

  • A 7% increase from last year is nothing to snooze at. Good job. As you know, I’ve recently started tracking my dividend income and all my numbers are small right now. But, an increase is an increase, and your income is moving in the right direction.

    • Dividend Daze:

      That is one thing I like about working with small numbers. The increase numbers are huge. When you see an increase of over 100% it gives you a lot of motivation to keep pushing it to grow even more. Thanks for your comment.

  • 7% is great. First, it outpaces inflation. that’s HUGE. Second, that is in line and has exceeded many of the dividend increases that other companies have announced over the last few years. Congrats on the great month and keep the good times rolling!


    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks Bert. Always appreciate your comments. Never thought about it in terms of inflation. I’m just happy to see any increases. As the portfolio grows and the dividend numbers increase, the percentage will decrease even though you are making more. It’s all relative long term as long as you are still increasing.

  • Hey, keep piling up 7% increases and you’ll be rich sooner or later. Stay positive and keep contributing to build that dividend income.

    • Dividend Daze:

      All increases are good increases. Just need to try to get more capital for new buys so increase that rate faster. Every little bit helps. Hope to see you around the site more often. Thanks for your comment.

  • Waking up to a 7% increase is always a great feeling especially when I didn’t affect you leisure time to earn it lol. I am looking to forward to see what my May report is gonna be. Great job keep it up

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks! Passive income is the best income. And it gets better as that snowball gets bigger over time. Can’t wait to see your numbers as well when you post them. Thanks for your comment.

  • Can’t be mad about a 7% increase! It will be neat to watch your dividend snowball continue to grow from year to year. I like the names I see as well – I have been keeping an eye on GIS and HRL myself.

    • Dividend Daze:

      I agree, GIS and HRL are both quality companies with great history. They were both recent buys within the past year. Hope to see a lot out of them with new buys on the way. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Wow a 7% bump is nice. Can’t ask for much more than that based on the average return of the market. Looks like you’re doing really well and have some solid companies 🙂

    • Dividend Daze:

      No complaints here. I will gladly take the 7% increase. Still plenty of year left and O hasn’t started paying out just yet. Hope to see some greater returns soon as well as add more quality companies. I appreciate your comment.

  • That’s pretty solid man – 7% y/y is pretty good – more than inflation is always good!
    timeinthemarket recently posted…Life!My Profile

    • Dividend Daze:

      As long as we can stay above inflation that’s what counts in the long game. Thanks for your comment.

  • Nice work, great to see the new addition of hormel. 7% increase is nice once your a millionaire you would love a 7% increase =)
    passivecanadianincome recently posted…Ontario Raising Minimum WageMy Profile

    • Dividend Daze:

      Haha your right about that. A 7% increase of a big pie is way larger than 7% of a small pie. As long as the growth continues I can’t complain.

  • Hey DD,
    Every % more compared to last year is growth. When you get more share, the pace will pickup on it’s own. Good luck getting to your first $100K!
    Team CF recently posted…May 2017 Dividend UpdateMy Profile

    • Dividend Daze:

      Thanks CF! I can’t wait until hitting the 100k mark. Getting there, just have to keep making quality buys and the rest will happen on its own. Hope to see you around the site more often.

  • Nice dividends! Direction is what matters. I did not add as much monies in May. Also, my dividends are on quarterly basis.
    dividendgeek recently posted…Portfolio Update – May 2017My Profile

    • Dividend Daze:

      I agree as long as those dividends are still rolling in. Waiting to see what June has in store since it is a quarter ending month. Should see some huge gains. Thanks for your comment.

  • Awesome work DD! A 7% increase is great growth. Also, you have to factor in that O payout will soon be boosting your monthly dividend income in no time. I enjoy following your updates and comparing and contrasting since we are basically at the same stage of our investing! Shall we lets say, have a race to see who retires first?

    • Dividend Daze:

      Haha I do love some friendly competition. It kind of pushes you to stay on track and try to grow your investments faster. I like following others like yourself that are close to my portfolio. Your on!

  • I am always so fascinated by these! I haven’t started investing yet, any tips?

    • Dividend Daze:

      These are my favorite part of investing as well. Seeing real results. I wrote a post not too long ago about marketing strategy, feel free to look at that. But the main tip I can give is to just start. That is the hardest part. You will learn as you go. Thanks for your comment!

  • Thanks for sharing! Nice collection of companies that you have paying you this month. Of those I only own T (but you’ll also join me with O next month). 7% is not bad at all. It beats inflation and eventually that 7% increase of your huge future May dividend will really add up!

    Two Investing – Scott recently posted…May 2017 IncomeMy Profile

    • Dividend Daze:

      I agree. 7% of a large portfolio will be a much bigger number. Still happy with these results and looking forward to seeing next month’s quarter ending numbers! Thanks for your comment.

  • […] Dividend Daze – $67.23 –  Another blogger impacted by the HCP switch, and that was big for Daze during the month.  Also, nice to see that you received your first dividend from HRL. […]

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