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    Everyone needs to set goals in their personal and professional lives. This is the only way to push ourselves to become better. We should set short and long term goals which are realistic. But it’s not enough to just have goals, we need to work hard to attain them. The harder we work now the more it will pay off later. Feel free to comment your own goals after me so we can track and achieve them together. Forward to Financial Freedom!


Goals are updated as achieved or on a year basis



Have positions in about 20 quality companies

Diversify portfolio further:

    Diversify by sector as well as having a combination of high dividend growth and yield stocks.



Dividend income = $800

Max out Roth IRA

New capital- Contribute $5,000 of new capital into my taxable account.

Debt management – Do not have any new debt while paying off old debt.

Dividend Daze Website – Have 3-4 new posts per month.



Portfolio value = $20k (Fail)

Dividend income = $500 (Success 12/12/2016)




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