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  1. Really impressed at the way you have laid out your portfolio in percentages, by sector as well as the dividend from each of your holdings. Simple & easy to read and monitor.

    One of the best I’ve seen

    Well done & good luck

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the comment. Easy to read was what I was going for but still have enough detail for analysis.

  2. Just a FYI if you haven’t noticed, Yahoo Finance is dead! It seems Yahoo has pulled the plug on its finance APIs without any warning or notice to public.

    Therefore, all spreadsheet trackers using Yahoo Finance API have stopped working.

    I had to move my entire excel based spreadsheet to Google Sheet and use Google Finance. However, Google Finance has its own short comings such as it does not provided dividend specific data for stocks. So now I manually import divided/sh data through Quicken.

    Let me know if you guys figure out how to get dividend info from Google finance.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t heard that. Yahoo Finance did have an API for just about everything, but half the time they didn’t work, which kills the purpose in the first place. I normally use Google for all my spreadsheets anyway, but as you mentioned it has its short comings. Luckily my portfolio sheet on this page only uses basic Google so it still works properly and displays all info. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board sometime and see what I can come up with to replace anything from Yahoo. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thank you! That snowball is well on its way. Thanks for the add, I’ll do the same with my blogroll.

    1. Thanks! I am working on it. Slow process but it is getting there for sure. Trying to expand how many companies I own and keep adding to other positions as I see value. T is always one of my favorites.

    1. Thank you. You know I read that first as having a lot of enthusiasm haha. I like the energy sector because they usually pay big dividends. The reason that is so heavy in my portfolio currently is because when I started investing in 2015, the energy sector was at a low. Oil/ gas prices were dropping heavily. So I took that as an opportunity to buy a lot. It has been working out for me so far. But with every new company I buy, the allocations get more even. Takes time to build up first.

  3. Awesome portfolio Div Daze. Out of curiosity, is the Annual dividend per share amount manually entered in your spreadsheet, or is it based on a formula. If it’s based on a formula, can you let me know what that is? I’m trying to upgrade from manual entry in my own portfolio spreadsheet. I also use Google Sheets.

    In any case, I like your portfolio setup. One more question: Do you have a set number of stocks you plan on having in your portfolio? So, for example, are you trying to get to a portfolio size of 20 stocks? Or is it the case that you don’t have a set limit?
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    1. Unfortunately, that column is manual so sometimes it is lower than what it should be if I don’t catch the increase fast enough. I actually had it automatic at one point but they stopped their service. Google finance doesn’t have code yet for most dividend related things, which I find odd.

      As for the size of the portfolio. I don’t really have a set number of stocks. I am still in the process of accumulating a higher number for diversification. 20 would be a good first benchmark to shoot for. I wouldn’t be opposed to 30-40 but probably no more than that. Lately I have actually been adding to my current positions since some of the current prices have great value and would lower my cost basis.

    1. Thanks! Slowly building it up. Trying to buy more companies to add to the list right now. But if the price is right on some of these positions, I’ll increase them. Just takes time. Thanks for your comment!

    1. Well you have come to the right place! Happy to have you in the community. There are plenty of great blogs out there. Just look at some of our blogrolls. Hope you find the inspiration your are looking for. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you around the site more often.

    1. Thanks DE! I can’t wait until I can finally hit 1k dividends in a year. Next year will be the push for that. It is all about time in the market right? Glad you stumbled upon the site. Hope to see you around more often. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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