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Recent Buy – General Mills (GIS)


    As we come closer to year end, I have been trying my best to save up all free capital for the new year. But with Christmas upon us, I just couldn’t resist getting my portfolio a little something too. I purchased 16 shares of General Mills (GIS) at $61.37. Below are some more company stats.


GIS Stats

Annual Dividend: $1.92

Yield: 3.13%

Years Paying/ Increasing: 10 years

Dividend increase from prior year: 8.33%

Payout Ratio: 72%

P/E Ratio: 22.33

EPS: $2.75


    The payout ratio is a little high for my likes but it is not overwhelming. Which makes sense given that they have been ramping up their dividend increases over the past few years. Hopefully they have enough room to grow to continue these increases for a while. I missed the gun on price slightly but am still satisfied with the price I purchased it at.


    As shown above, GIS has a dividend yield of 3.13% or $1.92 annually. This will add another $30.72 to my yearly dividend income. This purchase comes a few weeks before the ex-dividend date so I am eligible to collect on it all next year. Also, it’s dividend payment will hit in the off months like February which will help my monthly total goals. How do you think I did? Do you have any other companies that are on your watch list?



  1. Nice pick up. Love GIS and has been in my portfolio for many, many years with no plans to sell for the foreseeable future. I plan to add some to my baby’s portfolio too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. Smart of you to have them for years since they have been increasing their dividend more. Surprisingly, I don’t see it too often in many portfolios. They seem to have solid dividend growth. And with high barriers to entry in their line of business to take market share, I see them as a good pick for long term.

  2. Nice pickup! Sure the dividend yield may be high, but it isn’t too high. 70% still provides wiggle room to slightly increase the dividend in slow growth years. I would be more concerned if the figures were above the 80%. Did you see what the typical payout ratio is for the company??

    Congrats on the pickup.


    1. Thanks! Yeah the yield fits perfectly in my portfolio range. They are in a slowly changing industry so they are a good candidate for a long term hold with the amount of market share they have. I haven’t really looked into the past payout ratios which I probably should have. But it hit the price range I was looking for so I jumped on it. Thanks for the comment and stopping by!

    1. Yeah GE has been on the rise since early November. I increased my position with them earlier in the year. Wouldn’t mind doing it again if the price is right and I had the capital for it.

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