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Results – June 2017 Stock Poll

Last Friday, we ran a little experiment and I let you vote on a few dividend stocks. You can find the June 2017 Stock Poll here. I was hoping for a little larger turnout that participated but I am still happy to get some good data and view points. As of today, I closed the polls and am ready to announce the results!



Looks like it was an even race and only a few votes distinguished a winner from the rest of the pack. As shown above, coming in first was CSCO. I have seen a lot of activity in the community recently buying them. I was a little surprised to see QCOM still in second. They have gone up in price recently but they still have great value at current levels. I figured T and GIS would be high on the list. Have seen a lot of activity recently from them as well.


Looking over the stats, I would have to agree with the rankings by the community. Maybe change up the order one or two, but all in all a similar ranking. I can tell you I made a small purchase of one of the companies from this poll earlier this week. Stay tuned to find out who.


I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the poll and provided feedback. I hope everyone enjoyed this little exercise. The main response I received back was that there was not enough choices. Guess you were just having too much fun and wanted to keep going! I figured we would keep it short the first time around. I would love to do something like this again in the near future. Either monthly or every few months. But that is up to you.


Did you enjoy the exercise? What did you like/ not like? Is there any improvements to be made or ways to make it better/ more fun for everyone? What is the ideal number of choices you would like on the list? Any other companies you think should have made the list that I should add for next time? And most importantly, would you participate again?



  1. I definitely enjoyed the poll and agree there should be more choices. I love seeing the results though because it gives a snapshot of what other investors think of the companies you might be interested in. I think monthly is not a bad option. It would be something to look forward to in addition to your monthly updates. Just my 2 cents.
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    1. Not a bad idea. I would love it to be monthly. Give people something to do and look forward to. Just don’t want it to get stagnant if it happens too often and people stop taking it. Glad you enjoyed the poll. I always appreciate your feedback.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the poll. There are actually 8 in this poll. You just have to click the arrow button to see the other section. It only shows 4 per page anyway. They all have great value though I agree. Thanks for participating.

    1. That is true. Usually everyone has a similar mind set when it comes to companies. But every not and again, people find something you overlooked. Nice to get a second opinion on something. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for running the stock poll! I own CSCO, QCOM, and T but not GIS, which may be worth the look. It would be nice to see future polls, perhaps with a slightly larger selection of stocks.

    1. There is a second page on that list so there are 8 stocks in total on this list. However, I agree the selection needs to be greater. I will take this into consideration with the next poll. Thank you for participating and providing your feedback!

  3. CSCO, GIS, & T has definitely been popular among DGI investors in the recent month. We maintain a collection of buys and the stats are very similar to these results. Always interesting to see what others are either buying are express interest in. BTW, great post…Thanks for sharing! AFFJ

    1. Those names have been getting a lot of buzz and attraction lately. And for good reason too. Picked up some more GIS last week. Love your page about the recent stock buys in the community as well. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hey DD,

    thanks for the all the work. Always love seeing what the community favors to buy. If you start another poll, i’ll be “in” again…
    I don’t own Cisco, but think about opening a position. Right now i plan on adding shares of AT&T to my position. The price went south in the last weeks and that presents an opportunity in my opinion.


    1. Thanks for participating DS. Always a pleasure to see your feedback. I own T and CSCO. Both great choices so you can’t go wrong either way. Looking forward to seeing what you buy.

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