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Real Estate vs Dividends – What is better for Retirement Income?

Dividends vs Real Estate - Best for retirement income

These days, everyone is working harder than ever to pursue that dream of retirement. Wither retirement comes early or later, we all are striving and preparing for it.  However, everyone goes about preparing in different ways. Some find themselves building a diverse portfolio of dividend or growth stocks to provide passive income for years to come. Others take the more hands off approach and invest into low cost S&P500 funds and just let it ride. Real estate is very popular, especially among the baby boomer generation. Though not optimal, you could also just have a big stock pile of cash you can live off of to it retirement. While they all end up with the same result of getting us to that magic place away from our full time jobs called retirement, what method performs best once we actually get there? What is better to use as retirement income?

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