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2018 Goals

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2018 Blogging and Personal Finance GoalsCan’t believe January is almost over. This year is already going by fast. I try to publish my yearly goals as soon as the year starts, but I have been too busy making buys for my portfolio. If you missed it, I purchased O and ABBV earlier this month. With two quality purchases already under the belt, this year is off to a good start.


Last year I accomplished a lot of goals so I had to keep re-evaluating them throughout the year. I also started making blog goals as well as personal finance goals. Going forward, I will try to keep all goals in a single post. Easier to keep track that way. My last goal update is posted here, but you can always read up on my current goals here. Let’s take a look at some of last year’s goals and see how we can improve upon them.


2017 Goals

Dividend income = $800 (Success $864.48)

Last year was huge for me for dividend income. I hit a new record total of $864.48! Thank you compounding dividends!

Max out Roth IRA (Success 12/1/2017)

Self-explanatory about maxing out tax advantage accounts. I was finally able to max this account out ($5,500) in December. Cutting it close, but still goal accomplished.

New capital(Success $5,249.11)

The goal was to contribute $5,000 of new capital into my taxable account. I just succeeded again but by a small margin of about $250.

Debt management(Success)

Do not have any new debt while paying off old debt. I somehow was able to save up enough to pay new tuition payments without having to take out more loans. Not a fan of debt if I can avoid it.

Dividend Daze Website – (Kind of)

Having 3-4 new posts per month was the goal last year. It is hard to judge exactly since some months were greater, and others less. For example, I could post 5 times in a month but 2 in another. I would say average wise, this is a success.


All in all, I think I was pretty successful in slaying my goals for last year. Upon reviewing and setting new goals for 2018, I am pretty much in the same place in life as I was then. And most if not all of those goals still hold true. So not too much is going to change on the financial end. But I also will probably add a few to the blogging side. Here are my 2018 goals.


2018 Goals

Dividend income = $1,000

The goal last year was $800. I was able to achieve this which means the bar needs to be raised. This year I will be aiming for a new record of $1,000 in dividend income. I would love to achieve my first four digit year as well as more single months in the triple digits.

Max out Roth IRA

Can’t get any better than maxing out the account. So this goal remains a constant.

New capitalAdd $5,000 to Portfolio

The more I look at this goal, the harder I feel like it will be to accomplish this year. Tuition costs keep going up which is where the majority of my money is going currently. I also have some big purchases coming up this year so I don’t know if I will be able to hit this goal. However, goals aren’t supposed to be easy to accomplish. And I somehow did it last year, so let’s keep it the same this year and see what happens.

Debt managementNo New Debt

Like I mentioned above, tuition costs are outrageous. But the more I can pay now, the less I will have to pay later since the interest won’t build up. It will take a few years to finish school, but much like dividend investing, slow and steady wins the race. I hope this Master’s degree will be worth it!

Dividend Daze Website

Blogging is an ongoing, never ending, ever changing thing. But I wouldn’t trade it. Love having this creative outlet, the community, and an extra place to keep my thoughts and tracking. Blogging keeps you accountable and on the right path. Last year I hit my 1 year blogiversary, where I outlined some of the exciting updates and changes I made though out the first year. I have many more in store for you guys that I am really excited about. Just need to find the time to put everything together and implement.

This year my main blogging goal is all about value. As I have mentioned before, providing value for all readers is the most important thing. I don’t want to push out 4 sub-par posts a month just to hit a number goal. I would prefer 2 outstanding, value filled posts that really resonate. My social media accounts should provide value as well. Wither it be my own content or the content from others I share. The more value this blog possesses, the growth will go hand in hand.

Growth is another goal I would like to see happen in 2018. As mentioned in one of my blogiversary posts about growth, social media channels should increase to expand the reach of all the value I am trying to create. It has only been 2 months, but let’s look at a few of the numbers then to now.


                              November             January

                              2017                          2018

Social Media- Followers              Followers       Growth %

Facebook –      55                                61                      9.8%

Twitter –         1254                           1561                 19.7%

Pinterest –       13                                 98                     86.7%


Not bad at all! My social media growth in just 2 short months has grown at a fantastic rate. A few reasons for that. First and most importantly, engagement and more time on social media. Mostly interacting on Twitter with the community. Second, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Tailwind to automate my Pinterest game. I mostly got it for their Tribe feature but the analytics are very powerful as well.

I have also put a few other things together to provide more value as well as mutually helping out the community. Recently, I published two new Pinterest Group Boards, the Dividend Community Group Board and All Things Blogging Group Board. Check them out if you are interested in joining and growing your brand.

Secondly, as mentioned about Tailwind, I created a new exclusive Tailwind Tribe for the Dividend Community. We can share each other’s content and help each other’s blogs grow to spread the value to others. If you are interested in jump starting your Pinterest game, you can sign up to Tailwind here and get 1 month free on me. Don’t forget to follow my social media accounts and email me if you would like to be a part of the community group boards and tribe.


Best of luck to everyone in 2018! Going to be a great year!


Are you ready to slay your goals in 2018? What are you goals for this year? Expect to hit any big dividend milestones? Is there anything I should add to the list that I missed? Do you agree with these or should I not be focusing on any of them? How is your website doing and what are you doing to better it? Can you see your efforts working? Anything on this site that you like, don’t like, or could improve upon? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.



    1. That is the zone I was looking for. Push myself and make them challenging, but not drastically out of reach. We will see what happens.

  1. God luck with your goals 🙂 Its nice to see you acomplishing your y2017. Our goals were 1/2 missed. We chalanged ourselves to have smae 3 missed goals for this year. Lets see how it goes 🙂 We are reaching for 500€ annual dividend income. Nice to see you going for your 1000$ 🙂
    p2035 recently posted…I’m getting a pay raise!My Profile

    1. It is nice to add more goals each year. Very ambitious. 500 is a good dividend goal. Best of luck this year achieving them all!

  2. Mr. Daze, Thanks for setting up the Pinterest group boards. I pin content from the community to them often. I just taught my financial accounting class last night to MBA students at a local University. Are you getting your MBA or another degree? Would love to have Dividend Daze in one of my classes. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…As The Dividends Deluxe TurnsMy Profile

    1. I see you very active on those boards. Glad to see they are working for you. That is cool. I might enjoy taking a class with you since you have the same passion about the course. Just hope I wouldn’t lose credibility being the student haha. MBA for sure. Think it is the only logical choice for me. As always, I appreciate your comments!

    1. Well with 2 buys already complete in January, I should see those results all year with nice growth. Think the contribution goal will be the hardest to achieve, but still manageable. Here’s to a great year! Thanks for your comment!

    1. Looking forward to what this year brings me, as well as the community. Can’t wait either to see some good progress out of everyone going forward.

  3. Hey DD,

    wish you all the best for your goals in 2018! – the way you crushed 2017, i have no doubt at all that you’ll achieve the goals and then some…
    A four figure dividend income is great and from that on your snowball will be rolling a lot faster:-)

    Good luck and for your Master’s degree too.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks DS! I appreciate your kind words. I can’t wait to see a four digit year and what the snowball does after that. I would like to see a bunch more three digit months as well. Best of luck to you this year! Hope you achieve your goals as well!

  4. Congrats on your 2017 goals. Your growth on social media is great. I started a facebook page but got no likes yet but can see traffic being generated from it. Any tips to turn those leads into followers?

    Look like some good goals for 2018. All the best daze!
    Passivecanadianincome recently posted…Check Yourself Fool..My Profile

    1. I don’t really put too much time into Facebook, even though I probably should. Most of my social media time goes into Twitter and Pinterest since I see the greatest traffic from it. Facebook really wants you to boost your posts but I don’t find it very helpful right now. I would just say keep sharing quality content. And share it on a schedule or more frequent basis. Best of luck on your social media accounts and goals this year!

    1. Only place to go from here is up! Keeping that growth rate up. Can’t wait to see what the 2018 results will be. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Yeah it is the smart play, but is difficult to do. And takes capital away from everything else. That is why I usually can only make buys once ever few months. And one class at a time so the tuition is a little more manageable. Slow and steady wins the race, just like investing. Thanks for your comments! Hope you have a good 2018!

    1. To be honest, I don’t really keep track of the CARG. It is a nice measure, but there are problems with it. Market volatility being one and investments don’t typically grow at a linear rate. Also if you add more or less capital into your portfolio, it is easy to skew the results. Just my thoughts. But i still see growth for the most part, month to month/ year to year so I know it is headed in the right direction. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Yes, but I’m thinking of CAGR of the dividend, not portfolio value. I’d say that if you own 10-15 stocks which have had 10-15% CAGR (we are talking dividend growth now) for more than 15 years (like HRL), and nothing looks like it’s about to change, I find CAGR useful.

        For example, my dividend growth rate is 6%, meaning that since I entered 2018 with about $2400 in dividend income, I should expect to end with $2544 without doing anything. That’s why I track it. The future will tell if something happens to the growth rate, but I’m pretty sure most of my stock will stay the course.

        I suspect that you also have a CAGR around 5%, so you should end the year with $840 without doing anything.
        Stockles recently posted…Dividend Income Update January 2018My Profile

        1. Sounds about right. Although I would hope it’s a little higher than that. I ended the year at about $850 in dividends. So staying consistent and with increases, hoping to make at least $900 without doing anything.

    1. The reason that the dividend goal is less aggressive is because I won’t have much available capital to put into my portfolio with being in school. The capital will go in order of tuition, capping out Roth, then dividend stocks. Not sure how much will be left over. But that goal is still achievable and If I hit it early, then I can re-evaluate and make it greater. Haha, I’m sure I will make a post about it sometime or another. Maybe this is the year you make some major ground on your portfolio and start to pull a greater distance ahead of me.

    1. That’s a good point. Having them live for others to see makes you more accountable for them. Thanks for the input.

  5. Daze –

    Nice job in 2017, bravo.

    As for 2018 – you will figure it out. Goals are hard, but achievable. You’ll get creative, think of new ways to bring in new capital, to invest or ways to shred expenses, to save. Every dollar counts.

    Hoping I can break 5 digits of divvies going forward, and inch towards $12K going forward by the end of the year, would be awesome to have an average of $1k in dividends per month!

    Talk soon and grind hard.


    1. Those are some great goals Lanny! I am happy to see a triple digit month. I can only imagine a 4 digit single month or a 10k dividend year. Best of luck this year. You know I’ll be following along!

    1. Glad I can help inspire. Catching up to me quick. Another year or so and you will pass me up. Especially since you have been putting in way more capital than I can lately. Good luck going for 1k this year. Rooting for you!

    1. I think the 2018 goals can be achieved with a lot of hard work and determination. We will see. Glad you are liking the website. It still needs a little work but it is coming along nicely. Good luck on your goals this year as well!

    1. I know what you mean. So caught up in the holidays and new year stuff the goals kind of get pushed back. Just tried to get mine done before January ended so they are set and I don’t have any excuses going forward. But at least it gives you another subject to write about. How do you think you did on your 2017 goals?

  6. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments and goals for 2018, Dividend Daze! It looks like you had a successful year overall with all that green. $864.48 in dividends is awesome! Although you mentioned you have tuition costs, it’s great that you’re still aiming for $1,000 this year. I’m also trying to avoid debt.

    Regarding your questions, I’m totally ready to crush my goals in 2018! Like you, I’m working on numerous blogging and financial goals. I’m aiming for $425 in dividend income and $650 forward dividend income. In terms of blogging, I want to improve upon last years stats and income, and I just want to keep adding new content to the story. Similar to your goals, I want to continue to build the community – social media/subscribers. Lastly, I want to get better at consistency with posts and commenting.

    Thanks for sharing! Best of luck with your goals this year!
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…Why the Education System should make Financial Education a PriorityMy Profile

    1. Those are some great goals! Glad you also set financial and blogging related goals for yourself. A lot can happen in one year. Let’s make the best of it and see some major growth!

  7. nice article ,thanks for sharing with us.
    It’s great to hear that you have accomplished your 2017 goals,and best wishes for 2018.
    even we are trying to somehow fulfill our desire this year.

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