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Dividend Updates

Dividend Update – April

As the excitement from the record breaking first quarter results dwindle, just like that the first month in the second quarter is behind us as well. While March tends to be a large month for dividend investors since it ends the quarter, April was a little lacking for my liking, at least for me anyway. But you can’t argue with growth of any kind when every little bit helps. See more details from April below:



    CSCO– $6.41

    GE– $8.93

    CINF – $6.58

    KO – $12.79


April dividends add up to $34.71 which represents a 122% increase from last year where I only made $15.62. 


Let’s analyze a little further on the results. Looks great on paper having over 100% increase from the prior year. I am still working with smaller numbers as I grow and diversify the portfolio so big growth rates are easier to accomplish. Ideally, I would rather see larger dividend numbers over big growth rates as things start to grow. By no means am I trying to diminish my results because come on, I made almost $35 passively! I just like to critique myself in order to stay on track and push myself to get better.


With dividend growth, shouldn’t each respective month in the payment sequence be larger? Example: January/ April stocks should in theory have the same companies paying you. And after DRIP shares from January and any dividend increases since then, the total dividends collected should be higher. Most of the time, that is exactly what happens, but not always the case. As with my April compared to January.


My recent sell of HASI basically cut my month dividend total in half. However, KO has an unorthodox payment schedule so the first time they pay dividends is in the month of April. These two almost offset each other but KO pays slightly less since HASI is an REIT which pays a much higher yield. Lastly, if you were following along with my most recent buy of CAH, it also pays in April. Sadly, I missed the ex-dividend date so I won’t get paid for another few months from it. Either way, I am happy to have bought it on the dip for such a great price. That will just help set myself up for future months to come and get me closer to my dividend goal this year. All in all, I am very happy with the results this month and can’t wait to see what the next few will bring.


How did April treat your portfolio? Was this a slow month for anyone else? Are you on pace to achieve your goals? Comments are always welcome below.



  1. Daze, I made $0.41 in dividends in April from Realty Income. So, I totally understand what it’s like working with small numbers. A 122% increase from last year is awesome. A win is a win, and an increase is an increase. What’s important is that you’re working towards your goal and your portfolio is moving in the right direction. Way to go!

    1. Can’t complain, I love seeing growth numbers that high. By mid to end of the year they will start coming back down to normal levels again depending on how much more free capital I can put into purchases. That is the main thing. As long as you are continuing to move forward that is all that matters. Thanks for the comment!

  2. For my portfolio, I don’t use a DRIP at all. It’s not that I don’t think that it’s beneficial to me, I just like to control what and when I buy. I do track my dividends on a quarterly basis as I like to do a quarterly net worth snapshot every quarter. Keep up the good work DD, your dividends will begin to snowball into something really big in a few years.

    1. Thanks! Slow and steady wins the race. Just takes a little time to build up. I personally like using DRIP because it doesn’t cost me any extra fees. But I can see how your approach is also very viable. As long as investing is continuing to happen, we all win in the end. Thanks for your comment and nice to see you around the site.

    1. Thank you! Forward dividends are just shy of $800, which is my goal for the year. Few more purchases and I’ll be right on track for it.

  3. You already know it’s not the size of the dividend income but the direction it’s headed and with that year over year increase you are clearly going down the right path. Like you, my April results were a bit of a buzz kill coming off the March all time highs. It seems the KHC change in payout schedule affected my taxable and ROTH account. Still, as long as you can put up year over year gains you are golden. Some really solid names paying you in April. Keep it up.

    1. I agree DH. As long as we are adding more capital and building a solid dividend portfolio, we are going in the right direction. There have been a few companies that altered their dividend paying month that throw a wrench in things but we just realize the gains in a different month. KHC and HCP come to mind. As always, I appreciate the comment.

  4. In the beginning the new purchases make a lot of difference both to your portfolio value and to your dividend income. Before you know it, you’ll see 3 digit dividend income each month. Just keep making those investments and the results will come. Seeing more and more dividend coming in is very rewarding.

    1. I can’t wait to see 3 digit dividend income every month consistently. That will be a great goal to accomplish soon down the line. Just have to keep making good value buys and I will get there eventually. Hope to see you around the site more often.

  5. Nice results for this month. I just posted mine as well.

    Also good to see your increase with regards to 2016. I hope to see something similar next year. 🙂

    1. With the newest purchase of CAH earlier this month, that will already make the month have a nice increase in the coming year. And with most of the year still left for new purchases, we can only go up from here. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the comment. Just takes a little time and the rest will come. Can only increase from here!

    1. That would be a nice goal to achieve. Consistent triple digit months. Then onward to four down the road. The big numbers are fun to watch though and keeps you motivated to keep going. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Awesome increase! That’s the best part when you first start off, you get these crazy jumps in income passive income growth which makes you want to keep going. What gets to be even more fun is when it flips, you get smaller and smaller increases, but the monthly payouts are larger and larger. I’ve dropped to “only” a 22% increase this month this year, but that’s almost $550 in passive income. It’s a nice feeling when the numbers flip on you. Keep up the great work!

    1. Looking forward to seeing that happening. Would gladly take big dividend numbers over big percent. Hope to see you around the site more often.

  7. 122%!! Awesome year-over-year increase. Way to go! Those companies you picked have a great track record of increasing dividends. While summer is rapidly approaching where I live, your snowball is starting to grow.


    1. Thank you, appreciate the comment. Yeah, I am still trying to build the portfolio further and add more quality companies. Just takes time to build up capital and find them at good value to initiate a position.

    1. Haha thanks Dan. My percent may be nice but wish I had the passive income numbers you are putting up with your properties. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Very nice increase here Daze! I wouldn’t beat yourself up over the month too much, especially considering the progress you made. Your portfolio/income totals just had a lot of “noise” for a variety of reasons. But in the end, the dust settled and you were able to come out with a nice increase and a greater dividend portfolio because of it.


    1. It is all about shutting out the “noise” and continuing to stick with the strategy and make smart buys when others are selling or fearful. Just takes a little time and the portfolio will do exactly what it needs to do. As always, I appreciate the comment.

    1. Exactly! Slow and steady wins the race. Have to invest when the capital is available and when you find a stock with great value. Lots of good ones out there just need to find the right price. Still have a lot of year left to make a few plays. Hope to see you around the site more often.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, they tend to be slower months but growth is growth. I am working on building them up as well to be a little more well rounded each month. Just takes time, still early in the game. Thanks for stopping by.

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