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Dividend Update – December 2017

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Passive Income Report December 2017December is officially over and with it, 2017. What an amazing month to cap off a great year. Not too happy about the cold weather, but guess it was bound to happen eventually. At least while watching the snow fall, I can think about my dividend snowball working for me 24/7 and providing an increasing passive income stream!

December dividend posts are what dividend investors dream about. Since it is quarter and year ending, tons of companies tend to pay out as well as a bunch of the mutual funds. Usually we end up seeing tons of dividends being collected, big gains, and many milestones broken. I am no different as I am happy to announce a new monthly dividend record! See below for details.



CVX– $47.02

CINF – $6.72

KO – $13.11

TGT – $28.27

ED – $9.20

O – $3.46

LTC – $3.28

D – $16.94


December dividends, add up to $128.00 which represents a 67.4% increase from last year where I made $76.43. Here are some charts to show comparison and progress but you can always see the full dividend income breakdown here.


December Monthly Dividends 2017


March 2017 initially held the monthly dividend record and was the only other time I crossed the triple digit mark in a single month with $108.47. I can finally say that I can a new record which is 18% higher than the old one! Also, this is the most companies to pay me in a single month with 8. Love seeing multiple milestones broken in a single month! Great way to end the year.


What led to this increase and new record from last year? My portfolio has seen a lot of movement in the past year. For one, I was only paid out by 4 companies last December. New additions include CINF, ED, O, LTC, and D. I ended up selling COP earlier this year to pay for my position in D. My position in TGT has also doubled on my last recent buy on their dip. New companies paying me, adding more capital into my existing positions, optimizing portfolio to add more growth, and can’t forget about the Dividend Increases!


Quarter Updates

2016 Q4 Dividends: $181.61

2017 Q4 Dividends: $255.76

YoY% Gain: 40.8%


I use Personal Capital to track as well as my own spreadsheets to analyze a lot of my data. Last quarter, I finally surpassed the $200 mark in a single quarter. I set a new goal of $250 for Q4. Looks like a third milestone broken to me. I barley achieved my goal collecting $255.76 in the last quarter of 2017. The last financial goal I set out to achieve this year is a dividend total of $800. Did I achieve it?


December Yearly Dividends 2017


Yes! This year’s final dividend counts are in. My portfolio produced $864.48 in passive dividend income! This represents a 62.96% increase from last years $530.50. Breaking milestones left and right this month. I am very ecstatic by these results. What a great way to end the year. Hope everyone ended 2017 on a positive note and that 2018 brings just as many good things!


How did your portfolio perform in December? Did anyone break any records or post huge gains? Did you crush your goals? What big accomplishments have you had this year? Your comments are welcome below.



    1. Just trying to stay on pace with you my friend. Need to find some more capital to add so I can keep this growth rate up.

    1. Thanks Tom. Unfortunately I didn’t add. I wish I had more capital to do so, but wasn’t able to. They are always a great choice though and I am sure to add more over time. Glad you were able to take advantage of the opportunity though. Great choice. I always appreciate your comments!

    1. Thank you! I wish I could keep this growth pace up. Was able to back load my portfolio last year so I could collect on it all this year. Really made my growth numbers increase. But free capital is limited now so it will go down a little this year. We will see I guess wont we?

    1. I saw that, you did very well this year. No complaints on a strong finish and the largest dividend year yet. At least it is only one holding. That is what diversification is for. And as long as it is still producing, its a positive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Pretty sure I broke 3 or 4 milestones this month. What a way to end the year! This year should show some nice increases as well. Thanks for your comment!

    1. Haha love the friendly competition. At least you have been putting a lot more capital into your portfolio. I have not been able to lately. So there is still time. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings us!

    1. That is the plan. I’m pretty sure I am going to set the bar at 1k for 2018. Should be very achievable. Let’s see what happens!

  1. Congrats Daze. What’s super interesting about your numbers is that the amount you made in dividends in Dec 16, is almost the exact same amount I made in Dec 17 ($76.51). So close. But, anyway, awesome job getting to triple digits for Dec 17 and breaking all kinds of records. Also congrats on making it pass $800. My amended goal for 2017 was to reach $700. I missed it by $35.10.

    Looking forward to seeing what your plans are for 2018 and to follow your progress throughout.
    Dividend Portfolio recently posted…Resolutions – 2018My Profile

    1. Thank you! That is funny. Your growth numbers should be really big with all the extra capital you were able to put into your portfolio in 2017. You will really see that reflected in 2018. Looking forward to seeing you break all kinds of records yourself soon!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Glad to see it coming along so well. You will get to that point in no time. Just keep doing what you are doing and making smart moves. Can’t wait to see my portfolio hit that 1k mark next year!

    1. That is the plan for 2018. Hopefully turn all quarter enders into 3 digit months. Only 2 were this year. And then I want to cross the 1k mark sometime next year. We will see!

  2. I think your 1K bar is very achievable, especially since you will be getting several dividend raises. The beauty of dividend investing, it grows even if you don’t add any new money to it.

    Overall, great progress Daze!

    1. I think you are right. Capital is tight for new buys but dividend raises and reinvestment help a lot. My forward dividend are in the 900 range now so it will be close. I think it is very achievable also. I always appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  3. HI DD,

    congrats to your new record!! – your yoy increase is breathtaking. No doubt that you’ll blow past the 1k mark in your fourth year…my december income was a new record, too (268,17$) and a 35% increase.
    All the best for 2018! Keep it up!


    1. That is awesome growth rate yourself! Your one month beat my whole Q4 haha. Gets harder to get higher increases as your portfolio grows larger so I am enjoying it now. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Quarter ending months are every dividend investors favorite. Especially December. Can only go up from here. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice to see! I am hoping to hit 1k next year. But to consistently get that per month would be life changing. Just have to keep grinding and let that snowball take effect over time.

  4. Great work there. 67% YoY increase in dividends is great achievement. So very Awesome. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I am planning on posting my monthly dividend income starting this year as well.

    Good Luck.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am pretty happy with these results. Happy you stopped by to comment. Hope to see you around the site more often. I’ll have to check out yours when you post results as well. Best of luck in 2018!

    1. Thanks! That 1k is so close. That will be the goal for this year for sure. Glad we are both seeing big growth rates and share a few companies in our portfolios.

  5. Daze, Great way to wrap up the year! I think i see a pattern here and it’s only going in one direction. (Nothing can stop him, he’s all the way up!)

    I almost pulled the trigger on D as well, but i held off. It is still on the watch list for sure.

    Good Luck in 2018!
    Money Hungry recently posted…2017 Dividend IncomeMy Profile

    1. Haha nice. I like the song reference. D is a solid choice if you can find the right price. Not sure what my next buy will be. But every buy increases our growth rates and forward dividends. Best of luck to you as well in 2018!

  6. You might not like the cold weather but I’m sure those dividends are keeping you toasty. Congrats on another solid month with a very, very nice year over year gain too. Keep that momentum going into 2018 and stick with those solid dividend payers as best you can.
    DivHut recently posted…January 2018 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

    1. That is true. Today it actually hit 30 degrees. Talk about heat wave. Didn’t even mind scraping the 2-3 inches of snow off my car this morning. But dividends are always working no matter what time of year. Not sure what my next buy will be, but hope to make one soon!

    1. That sounds terrible. I couldn’t imagine. We aren’t as bad in Michigan, but it still have a lot of below zero days. And were just rated second worst state for winter. Think its the lack of sunshine we see all winter or something. Idk you just get used to it right?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Here’s to a great 2018!

  7. Daze,

    Great stuff and a new record. Are you kidding me here? CONGRATS!! I love the portfolio of stocks that paid you a dividend this month. I’m sure selling COP wasn’t a fun decision to have to make; however, your portfolio is MUCH better off for it. And the positions you added to your portfolio will provide some strong dividend growth for many years to come. You’ve set the table for an AMAZING 2018. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait for the dividends to start rolling in.


    1. I was pretty fortunate to make some big moves at the end of 2016 to line up 2017 with great growth rates. Coupled with a few buys over the year and that optimization play, I think it turned out pretty well. Hope to continue that this year as well. I always appreciate your comments! Let’s keep it going strong this year!

    1. That it does! Was lucky enough to hit that mark twice last year. I will probably get off to a slow start in January after some of the moves I made in my portfolio. But then pick up after that. I am looking to hit the triple digit mark at least every quarter ending month this year. We will see what that snowball can do! Thanks for your comment!

    1. I am very happy with these results. Hope to see many more triple digit months to come. Best of luck to you this year as well!

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