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Dividend Updates

Dividend Update – March

    The first quarter is done and in the books. I don’t know about you, but March is the month I have been looking most forward to posting about since the year started. Not only did I shatter my YoY% growth, I hit two milestones! Breaking the record for most dividends in a single month as well as the first month to hit triple digits of dividends. See below for all the details of my March dividends and breakdown of the first quarter:



    HCP – $18.41

    COP – $8.96

    CVX – $45.65

    TGT – $26.48

    ED – $8.97


    These dividends add up to $108.47 for March which represents a 472% increase from last year where I only made $18.95. It feels so good to finally break that 100 mark. Let’s hope that streak can continue a few more times this year and soon enough, permanently.


    How was I able to achieve such a substantial YoY% increase? Well for starters, HCP decided to move their ex-dividend date back one week in February, which caused their payment date to be moved into March. Even though that caused my February dividends to be less, it almost equals what my 2016 dividends were in March by itself. Secondly, I doubled my shares of TGT on my recent buy which gave me a nice boost.


Now let’s look at the results from the first quarter:


2017 Q1 Results

    January- $40.85       February- $43.06         March- $108.47           Total: $192.38


    As you can see this quarter I made $192.38 in dividend income. At the end of Q1 in 2016, I was at $89.95. The entire first quarter from last year was beaten out by this year’s March performance alone! Growth wise, there is a 114% increase. Here is a clear chart broken down by month and year. While these numbers look great, how do they perform from a goal standpoint? Earlier this year, I set a goal to have made $800 in dividend income by the end of the year. This means I would need an average of either $67 a month or $200 a quarter to achieve said goal. Data above shows there is still work that needs to be done. Two months didn’t hit their mark and the total overall for the quarter was off slightly.


    I am ecstatic at the results of my portfolio so far this year! Even though I am slightly off pace of my goal, I still feel I am on a good path to achieve this as the year progresses. With two milestones surpassed this month, I have total confidence in my portfolio and the power of passive dividend income.


    How did your portfolio do this March? Did anyone hit a milestone or break any personal records? Are you on pace to achieve your goals? Your comments are welcome below.



  1. I’m up 14% in the first quarter, which is pretty good. Usually what happens is when the first quarter is great, the rest of the year is mediocre (although gains are more common than losses). So I guess this is the highlight of my year haha.

    1. Haha great way to start off the year then. And mediocre gains are still gains. Hope the rest of the year goes well for you. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks BHL. I am happy with it. And that’s the plan, keep the snowball rolling. As always, I appreciate the comment.

  2. Congrats on hitting the triple digit mark. Hitting these milestones always feels good and just shows what patience and consistency with dividend investing can achieve. Keep up the good work. March was a record for me as well. I’ll be posting soon.

    1. Thanks! It does feel good hitting milestones and there are just more to come in the future. Looking forward to seeing your March results.

  3. Congrats Daze on hitting triple digit dividend income. Don’t sweat about still having work to do on meeting your annual dividend income goals. I set several goals last year but didn’t meet all of them. While it is important to set a goal and achieve it, I firmly believe that the journey is just as (or sometimes perhaps more important than) the destination itself. The trick is to keep pressing on.

    This is a great report.

    1. I agree, thanks. Can’t complain, I had a great month. And there is still three quarters to go and hopefully many more buys to add to it. Hope to see you around the site more often.

    1. Thanks! The goal is very feasible. With most of the year still in front of us, there will be more dividend compounding as well as buys to push me there. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Congratulations, DividendDaze!

    That’s a remarkable year over year increase! Keep up the good work and you’ll hit your goals faster than you think!

    Take care and happy investing!

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping for a small market correction here soon to make a few more buys. That should put me at my goal and then some. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Thank you! I still have a ways to go but hitting those milestones sure does feel good. Only more to come in the future. Hope to see you around the site more often.

  5. That is a great month, specially in comparison to the entire Q1 of 2016. Thanks for sharing. You had a bunch of solid names sending you dividends this month.

    1. Thank you. I’m pretty happy with the results. And they can only go up from here in the future hopefully. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I own CVX as well and I am enjoying these dividends. Although I am scared that they will cut the dividend at some point if oil prices don’t start to pick up. So hopefully they can continue paying the dividend into the foreseeable future 🙂

    1. Yeah those dividend payments are nice and usually high yield. We have already seen a few of the other oil companies cutting their dividend a few years back. But CVX seems to have very good management at the helm so even if they were to cut it, they would use it to their advantage to re-position themselves for continued long term growth. Hope to see your around the site more often.

    1. Thanks DDU! That’s the best thing about the DGI community. We can see physical evidence of this strategy working for people and some have already made the dream a reality. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Hi Francesca. Congrats on paying off all your debt! That is a huge accomplishment. Looks like you have done all your research already haha. As far as investing goes, the best advice I can give is just to make a strategy before diving in and stick to that strategy long term. I am in the process of writing an article about that so stay tuned. Also, don’t try to beat the market, all you have to do is match it and it will naturally go up over time. There are many different forms of investing so just find out what works for you. As you can tell from the site, DGI is what I found solace in. Easy to get started, long term, low cost, and physical proof of growth over time. Hope this helps and hope to see you around the site more often.

  7. Still crushing the growth! That’s what I am talking about! I too own HCP. Thanks for sharing! I am drastically behind my goal and will need a MASSIVE last 3 quarters to reach it! 😀

    1. Thanks Dan! I appreciate your comments. Has been a good year so far and still plenty go. More than enough time to catch up and reach those goals. Cheers!

    1. That’s the plan! Love breaking personal records and seeing these awesome numbers. I see both of our dividends going up up up in the future. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I am not a specialist in investing, but, as long as you are on ‘plus’, it’s a great deal. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Ramona. It’s always great seeing a plus next to your growth numbers. As long as that stays true, the future looks bright. Thanks for your comment and stopping by the site.

    1. Thanks! Nice seeing so many of us break records in March and more to come soon. Lots of dividend increases lately helps a lot. Now just need to work on getting more free capital to make a few new purchases. Thanks for the comment.

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