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Dividend Updates

Dividend Update – October 2017

October 2017 Passive Income ReportThis year is going by too fast. Seems like a week or so ago I was posting about my September Dividends.  So many things happening in October. The main thing that everyone is talking about is FinCon2017. It sounds like it was an awesome time and I can’t believe I missed it. Well there is always next year so I’ll have a full year to prepare and figure out the logistics. Love hearing everyone’s stories and experiences from this year. Sounds like something every personal finance blogger should attend at least once in their life. But we aren’t here for FinCon stories, we are here for October dividend numbers. Let’s see how I did.



CSCO– $6.52

GE– $9.08

CINF – $6.68

KO – $13.01

CAH – $5.12

O – $3.43

LTC – $3.26


October dividends, add up to $47.10 which represents a 6% decrease from last year where I made $50.15. Below are some charts from my portfolio page to better visualize the results.


October 2017 Monthly Dividends


Yes, I posted a decrease this month, but I am really not worried about it at all. The main reason why I did not hit last year’s totals is mainly because I sold my position in HASI. However, the capital from that sell was put into buying more shares of TGT on one of their dips. So I have not lost those quarterly payments, they are just coming from a different company in a different month.


Secondly, since then I have purchased two monthly dividend payers: O and LTC. As you can see these positions don’t pay me too much, but it adds up over time. Lastly, I also started a new position in CAH. This is the second month they have paid me and more to come. Last month, I broke my dividends collected total for 2016. So anything extra I make in Q4 now will be creating a new milestone for 2017. As shown below, we can see my yearly progress.


October 2017 Year Dividends


How did your portfolio perform in October? Has anyone else already beat last year’s dividends? Did you attend FinCon? Would you go back? What was your favorite part? Anything else exciting happen in October? Share your input and comments below.



  1. Nice to see 2017 being higher than 2016 already! It sucks that the monthly dividends are lower but that’s all due to the purchases and that payout is just moving to another month. The results for 17 look good so far compared to 16 and you still have two months left to get that number higher!

    1. Yeah I’m not too worried about being slightly lower. Next year will just be all that much higher is all. If I keep this pace up, I should hopefully hit my dividend goal come December. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Thanks man! Actually with 3 months to spare. But I don’t collect a whole lot the first 2 months of the quarter. Still will be exciting to see where my portfolio ends up come December. As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. That is the goal! Should be close to getting the goal of 800 this year and pushing for 1k next year. I can’t wait to cross that 4 digit mark. Will be really nice. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Great minds think alike. Glad we share a few companies. Nice to see them pay out for you as well. Wish my O position was bigger but it will be over time. Looking forward to seeing your results when they are posted.

  2. Thanks for sharing your October dividend income! Even though YOY was down 6%, you’ve still already exceeded dividend income for the year. And like you said, you still earn the income, it just happens to get paid during a different month. Congrats on YOY increase. You’re getting close to that 4 digit income mark.

    Regarding your questions, I haven’t posted my dividend income for October yet, but it will be my highest earned in 2017. I haven’t surpassed 2016 income though. I haven’t ever attended FinCon but I’d like to. I’m considering going in the next 1 to 2 years. It would be cool to meet all the great minds behind all the great blogs I read.

    Congrats again on the continued progress with your portfolio. Keep it up! 🙂
    Graham @ Reverse the Crush recently posted…Clever Articles on Blogging, Investing, and Financial Freedom #11My Profile

    1. Thanks! I always appreciate your comments. I can’t wait to hit that 4 digit mark. My forward dividends are getting close. The goal is to hit that before the year ends.

      You still have a few months to beat last years dividends. Surprising October is your best month, since usually it is an off month for a lot of people. Looking forward to seeing your update and maybe I’ll see you around FinCon sometime.

  3. Looks like a great month despite a decline. As long as you can post an annual year over year gain you know you are headed in the right direction. Nice to see several names in common paying us. GE looks ever more compelling these days as it continues to fall from grace. Keep up the good work.
    DivHut recently posted…November 2017 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

    1. I agree. YoY growth matters more than month to month when it averages out. Glad we are both being paid from some solid companies. I see GE is on your watch list. So much value in the market right now, hard to choose the next buy. Hope to make one soon. Thanks for your comment!

    1. I may be ahead now, but you are putting some serious capital into your portfolio. That will add up quick and will eventually surpass me. Just means the pressure is on to keep my pace up haha. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. That is the plan. One month doesn’t matter when you think in of the overall year total. For sure will hit new records moving forward. I’ll probably lower my cost basis on something. Really looking at T. But also considering HRL, GIS, CAH. Anything you are looking at to buy in November?

      1. Wish I could, but in the next few months our savings will go against the mortgage related to our rental property. Maybe if I have a few hundred free cash on the investment account from dividends, I’ll buy something. As a small addition I’m really considering PSEC…
        Roadrunner recently posted…Our First Rental Income OverviewMy Profile

    1. I agree. TGT was a great pick up. Missed the mark by a little when I got it since it went much lower. But at least I could DRIP dividends at the low points. Feel much safer having TGT in place of it for the long term. More milestones to come soon! Thanks!

    1. Yeah that is a big accomplishment. I am excited as well. I think it will be close. Will take me right up to the end of the year to do it, but I think I’ll manage. I am for sure on pace anyway. Only time will tell right? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Nice daze and congrats on your first cah payment! Its always nice seeing your totals surpass last yrs total. This month surprised me on our dividend front will post totals this wkend. Cheers – keep it up!
    Passivecanadianincome recently posted…More CVSMy Profile

    1. Thanks! Actually it is the second month I was paid for CAH but still a fairly new position. Doesn’t pay much but every little bit helps right? Can’t wait to see your post about your numbers.

    1. You got that right! All we can do is go up from here. Glad you were able to surpass last years dividends too. Still have a few months left to make some headway to the new yearly milestone. Best of luck going forward!

    1. Always love the friendly competition. Two months left this year so it’s crunch time. Hopefully make a few more buys to squeeze in a few extra dollars toward this years’s total. Good luck finishing out the year strong!

  5. Hey DD,

    that are solid companies which paid you. – I really like Cisco, Realty Income and LTC Properties. I just purchased some more of Realty Income, the blog post will be out soon…
    Congrats on your overall progress in 2017 and beating the 2016 income. That’s what DividendGrowthInvesting is all about…

    Keep it up!!


    1. Thanks DS! Glad we share a few companies. I really like those monthly dividend payers as well. Wish my positions with them were bigger. Nice that you got to buy some more. Actually just picked up more T even though I missed the payout. Thanks for the comment!

  6. All good companies.

    Though, healthcare REITs are feeling some pain due to SNF under pressure from Govt. scrutiny on Medicare/Medicaid payments. I believe LTC has exposure to govt paid (Medicare/Medicaid) LTC customers.

    I recently trimmed my OHI position after they had a really bad ER due to SNF troubles.

    Anyway, keep a close eye on LTC.

      1. Thanks for the input. I always watch my REIT, and anything with higher yield. Even after the price dip on GE, I have been holding off on buying more. They have not really increased their dividend in a while so my money is better used long term in something else. Thanks for the heads up on the 13th. That is good to know.

  7. Daze,

    Who cares that your growth rate decreased slightly? You are still receiving dividends from solid companies each month. Plus, it isn’t like the reduction was from a dividend cut. Rather, you are just shifting the month you received the dividend income. You’ll see a nice bump in December when TGT pays their dividend.


    1. Thanks Bert. I agree. I care more about the overall year growth rate than the individual months. Even though most of the time, monthly growth equates to yearly growth. December should be a big month and I should hit the 3 digit mark for the second time this year. We will see what happens. Thanks for commenting!

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