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Introducing Spreadsheets



I have had a few people come to me recently who are interested in investing. After doing some of their own research, they became dazed with dividends (See what I did there?). One of the hardest parts of investing it just taking the plunge and getting started. We all have to start somewhere. So I figured I would give people a little help and a good starting point by putting it all into one place. Introducing a new section of this blog: Spreadsheets!


Yes I know other blogs have spreadsheets that are probably way more in-depth than the ones on this site. Those are great for most people, and especially help give more features for people who have been investing for a while. But to a newcomer, those are very confusing if they don’t know what to look for and it may discourage them. All of my spreadsheets are very easy to read and user friendly.


So far, there are two posted. The first one is the Portfolio Tracker and Watch List. The first step in investing is research. Everyone should have a watch list and monitor the stocks they would like to buy before just jumping in. Once a stock is purchased, it’s important to keep track of them. Both the Portfolio Tracker and Watch List sync up to google and/or yahoo finance and automatically update with new data every few minutes giving you close to real time data.


The second spreadsheet is Future Portfolio Performance. This spreadsheet calculates the future potential value of your portfolio per year. It shows first-hand the power of compounding dividends and the time value of money. Just remember, it does not take market conditions or inflation into account since no one can see the future. If you want to target a specific dividend per year and want to know long it will take, just plug in different numbers until you get an average year time frame.


You can access the spreadsheets page by clicking here. Or clicking the spreadsheet tab on the top of the site. More sheets to come. If you have any ideas for new spreadsheets or any questions regarding existing ones, please email me at



  1. Thanks for sharing, Dividend Daze!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that many spreadsheets are overly complicated and that beginners need some simple examples to get them started.

    Take care!

    1. I agree, it is a good starting point at least. See if it sparks any interest before the dive in completely. Then they can keep adding onto it as they go. Thanks for the comment.

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