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June 2017 Stock Poll

Lets try a little experiment here. I have select a few stocks that I believe provide some value at current prices. I either own these currently and wish to expand my position or am looking to open a new position with that company. Let’s get your opinions on what is on your watch list and what you think has great value currently. If your choices aren’t on the poll, feel free to comment or email me and I will try to add them. For now, let’s keep the poll open for a week before I publish the results. Let me know what you think. Have fun!




  1. Only liked one on your list, though I admit a couple I wasn’t familiar enough to even give a quick take. I went with “My default answer is No” on those. High on our list among dividend payers right now: TGT, NKE, GE, XOM. Of the four, I’d go NKE. That dividend yield is getting a little fatter as the price of the stock drops, and you’ll have a hard time finding a faster dividend grower over the next 2 decades. Yield on cost for NKE could beat all of your stocks and the other 3 I listed, given enough time.

    1. This is what I love to see Duke. There are always other/ better companies out there to invest in. But sometimes keeping the watch list short will make it easy to forget about them or completely miss a great opportunity. Always appreciate your comments. I’ll add these names if I run this exercise in the future. Thanks for the input.

    1. Yeah I wanted to make the list longer as well but time was limited. Not bad for a first little experiment. If I run it again next month, I’ll add more companies to it. Just took a little bit of time to set up is all. Thanks for participating and giving your input.

    1. I agree. I like share buybacks from a DGI perspective. Usually works out for the shareholders and puts the company in a better position going long term. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hey DD,

    cool idea. i own some of those stocks and i plan on adding to Realty Income, AT&T, Qualcomm and Southern (although i want to wait a little with QCOM and SO). – the overall market conditions make me a little more cautious at the moment. i’ll invest regularly, but with smaller amounts.

    By the way: i just discovered your blog and i like it a lot. I’ll add you to my blogroll in the next days…

    Keep it up!!


    1. Thanks DS! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I am about half and half on what I own from that list. Would love to buy more. I usually buy in smaller amounts as well. At least to start out with to get a cost basis. I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. Hope to see you around the site more often.

    1. I am about half and half on owning them or not. But I wouldn’t mind having them all in the portfolio at some point. I am hoping to add more to the list if I do this exercise again. Thanks for participating and commenting.

    1. Great additions. I will add them if I run the exercise again. Bought some CAH on the last dip. Have seen the CVS name thrown around a lot in the community as well. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for participating.

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