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New Additions/ Updates Made To The Site

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your September as much as I am. Especially being a quarter ending month, I hope to see some big dividend numbers out of everyone soon. But with still a few weeks left to go in the month, we can talk about dividend gains later. Recently, I have seen a few of the other members of the DGI community posting about their 1 year blogging anniversary. To those of you who have already crossed this mark or just recently posted about it, congrats again!



It got me thinking about this site, especially since my one year mark is still coming up in a few short months. Now when the time comes, I fully intent to write a post about it. I’m sure I will go over the typical what have I achieved since I started, what I have learned, what I still want to do or accomplish moving forward, etc. Those or any other future goals will probably end up in their own post come year end. But I don’t want this post to be about that.


If you have noticed within the past few weeks, I have not posted any articles, been slightly less vocal commenting on others blogs, and put in minimal time on social media. There are a few reasons for this. One being the vacation/s I took last month which I used to go off grid for a little bit. You can read about those in my last dividend income report. Secondly, school and work take up a lot of time so I have been focusing on them, especially around finals time. Sometimes life just get in the way, I’m sure you all agree. Also, trying my best not to get burnt out, you all know blogging can be a job in itself sometimes.



While taking my step back, I re-evaluated the site from my perspective. There is a lot that I want to change, update, add, etc. My goal is to add as much value into DividendDaze for my readers as possible. This will take some time but will be worth it long term. I have so many ideas in my head that I hope to implement over time. So today I am announcing the first update to the blog. While it is a small one, it is still a step in the right direction.



After reviewing each tab carefully, I really didn’t care for how I set up the resources/ blogroll to begin with. There are too many things going on at once and doesn’t really fit the page title. There were blogs, links, affiliates, and books; basically anything miscellaneous I threw onto one page. This has been updated. The current page now lists the current blogroll/ blogs I read and follow. It also contains links to any resources and tools I use while doing my sock and market research. I have removed any affiliate link from this page. Check out the updated Resources/ Blogroll page. If you wish to be added to the blogroll let me know. I am never opposed to doing a trade-off. It is hard to keep track with so many great new blogs appearing daily.



Secondly, I have added a brand new tab to the blog. The Side Hustle/ Affiliate tab. Here I list some great personal finance books I recommend. As well as links to a few different side hustle or affiliate products and services I use with a small write up of each. I am not trying to push affiliates on people by any means. I have started to remove a lot of the links from around the site and added it all into one convenient page. The reason I want these on the site goes back to the main goal, Value. All of these products or services provide value in some way to every individual. Although the referral links, if used, will generally give myself as well as the reader a benefit of some sort. And blogging does cost money so it is nice to recoup some of those costs along the way in order to keep the lights on per say. So if you like or are curious about any of the affiliates, feel free to check them out. Links are on the Side Hustle/ Affiliates tab. They are all free. More to come soon.



Taking a few weeks off has been great. Come back with more motivation, drive, and new and exciting ideas moving forward. I fully intent to get back on track and continue to be active in the community. I have a lot of my own ideas that I want to start implementing but right now I would rather hear from you, my readers and the community, what do you want?



What do you like about DividendDaze? What do you dislike?

What about the content? What do you want to read about?

What do you think about the logo? It has grown on me but am debating giving it an update as well for a whole new feel. But it’s also already known in the community so changing now may not be a good idea.

I am thinking about changing/ updating my website theme. Do you suggest or recommend any in particular? I am looking for something very minimalistic but appealing to the eye and easy to follow. Hopefully something with a good framework and SEO benefits as well.

Any issues or bugs you see in the current site layout? I can make sure to avoid/ fix them when I get a new theme. I know the Resources/ Blogroll page kind of jumps to a new line which I am not a fan of but it is OK for now.

How do you like the recent updates?

Anything else you would like to add?



Thanks again to everyone who follows the journey, reads the blog, comments, shares my posts on social media, etc. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Hope you enjoy the updates moving forward. Feel free to comment below or email me at Don’t forget to follow me on social media.



  1. Hi Dividend Daze,

    Thanks for sharing your thought process behind some of the changes coming up on your blog. I myself have been through a couple stages with my blog where I’ve even pondered changing the domain name. I wrote about it on my blog too. I think that blogging is an ongoing process that will always continue to evolve. I find that I make changes and then want to make updates and improvements again 6 months later. I don’t think it will ever end.

    In regards to your blogroll, I can certainly understand how hard it is to keep track of all the incredibly blogs out there. I always feel guilty when I don’t have enough time to comment on every blog I follow. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be willing to add my blog to your blogroll. Only as long as you think it fits though. I’ve added your blog to mine.

    Regarding themes, I got my theme from colorlib and have been happy with it thus far. If you’re looking for free themes, I’d suggest checking out their site.

    In regards to your questions, admittedly, I made my logo for free with Canva. Although I should probably spend money to get it done professionally, I am trying to be as efficient as possible right now. The blog is not really making enough money to justify spending a lot of money on it. But having a professionally designed logo is something I plan on doing one day.

    I’m a big fan of Dividend Daze so far. Of course, I enjoy your dividend income updates and I really enjoyed your blog about real estate verse DGI. I like personal posts that offer insight on what it takes to achieve such goals. I enjoy reading about savings rates, income, strategies and I like to read honest posts like this one. I guess I enjoy stuff I can relate to because it’s adds value to my own goals.

    I hope that helps in terms of feedback! Keep it up!
    Graham @ Reverse the Crush recently posted…Dividend Income Update #4 | September 2017My Profile

    1. Thank you for your input. I greatly appreciate it. You are right, blogging is ongoing and ever changing. Not a bad thing as long as you can stay on top of it and at least dedicate a little time to it. I am the same way, I am not really looking to spend a ton of money, but a little probably wouldn’t hurt to get it moving in the right direction. I also like relate-able posts. And just seeing the forward progress made my people in my similar position. Thanks again for the feedback!

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes myself when they are complete. I will keep you all posted.

  2. Welcome back! Woot almost 1 year look forward to your toral views etc. I like your site but like you if i step back and look over my page theres things i want to correct that i threw together at the start. I like hpw you dont have any popups. I go to some sites and its crazy one i have mentioned to ths person and they deleted my comment. 6 popups at one time. I dont go there anymore! Haha cheers look forward to see what u do
    Passivecanadianincome recently posted…Fish On! Hooked on HighlinerMy Profile

    1. Haha yeah that is one of the things I told myself when I started this blog. Absolutely no annoying pop-ups. I hate that too and it turns me away from some sites. I know they have done studies and it doesn’t really hurt viewership much but I guess it depends on the site. If I don’t like seeing them, I won’t force others to see them either. Great point!

  3. Good to step back every now and then from writing. Although right now I really enjoy it, but we’ll see how it goes, :-). I kind of want it to seem like a regular thing so I stay disciplined, but at the same time don’t want the writing to consume me either.
    September month ending should work out well for you and I look forward to reading about the dividend results!
    SMM recently posted…Don’t Be Afraid of the Stock MarketMy Profile

    1. I agree. Consistency is key. I know a lot of people that kind of binge write a month or two worth of articles. Then they don’t have to worry about it for a while. But then I can see that being difficult to try and write so many at one time. Guess it comes down to personal preference. I can’t wait for the dividend report either. Those are always my favorite. And to read everyone else report as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Hi DD,

    I like the changes you made to your blog, looks more organized and well formed.

    Regarding your spreadsheet, I see that you are using importxml function to update div specific information. However, your spreadsheet is showing #REF errors for divi data.

    Instead of using yahoo finance try getting the dividend data from Here is the formula I’m using which seems to work quite well, except for slow loading at times:


    where AT2 is the cell with the link: . I build the link using ticker column before feeding it into the importxml formula.

    Take care

    1. Good catch. Forgot all about that. I thought I changed that some time ago but must have forgot that page. I’m pretty sure the shut down that function from yahoo finance with google docs. That is probably what I’m looking for too in order to pull in certain dividend info. I’ll have to play around with the formula but I’m pulling errors right now. “imported xml content can not be phrased”. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Google throttles importxml queries, I get the following error on a few data cells when querying over 40 stock tickers. Though it would show ‘Loading…’ inside the cell and then if you hover your mouse over the cell, it will show the error:

    Loading data may take a while because of the large number of requests. Try to reduce the amount of IMPORTHTML, IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED or IMPORTXML functions across spreadsheets you’ve created.
    Mr. ATM recently posted…My Dividend RadarMy Profile

    1. At least is just a loading error. Sounds like it will go through eventually. Maybe not. I just keep finding forums saying the importxml stuff is iffy and doesn’t work on some of google docs “newer” sheets for some reason. Not sure why. It apparently doesn’t like the syntax or something of the formula you sent me. Weird.

      1. Okay, I see the same parsing error as you if I use the formula (with the static http link in it). But if I construct the formula such that it gets the http link from another cell then it says loading and I can get the data. This is how I have my spreadsheet setup.

        For example:

        My B2 cell has the link:

        My C2 cell has the formula: =importxml(B2,”//span[@id=’quotes_content_left_dividendhistoryGrid_PayDate_0′]”)

        With the above, I get the Loading and then the data (paydate).
        Mr. ATM recently posted…My Dividend RadarMy Profile

  6. Taking a step away and going off the grid can be really nice. IT allows you to reset your mind and come back fresh with a new perspective. IT looks like you have benefited well from this time away and you have come back hungry and ready to kick some butt on your website. Time will tell how the changes will work, but there is only one way to figure it out. Go for it, make the change, and see if the people respond with views 🙂 Best of luck!


    1. Thanks Bert! I wholeheartedly agree. Time will tell but either way, it’s progress. Just takes a lot of time to get everything situated. Looking forward to seeing things fall into place. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Nice updates! I completely know what you mean about running out of time to do everything. Since I’ve starting dating an awesome woman, I’ve not been able to do as frequent updates as I would like. I’m also unable to provide as rapid support for my dividend portfolio spreadsheet as I would like. Work is also a blessing and a curse. It provides the resources to really put my investments on afterburners, but also limits the time I can spend on the site.

    However, when it comes down to it, the time I’m spending with my girlfriend is way for valuable than responding to every comment right after I get them. This relationship will pay off in other kinds of dividends.

    Two Investing recently posted…September 2017 IncomeMy Profile

    1. Haha I know exactly what you mean Scott. Happens to all of us. Wither it be a significant other, work, school, side hustle or other project. I agree you don’t have to be on the site all the time and respond immediately. And the community and your followers know that. As long as you get to it eventually in a reasonable time you are fine. I would like to get on a better posting schedule but it is kind of off right now with everything going on. Glad your relationship is paying off in dividends.

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