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New Spreadsheet – Expense Tracker

Last week I posted about adding a new section to this blog called Spreadsheets. So far, I have received a lot of positive feedback. Today, I have added one more called Expense Tracking.



This spreadsheet measures your expenses against income to calculate your savings and investing percentage, as well as how much money will be left over at the end of the year. It also takes taxes into consideration for a better prediction. I like using this sheet to see what expenses I can lower or eliminate to be able to afford more into my investing or savings accounts.


If you are trying to target a specific save percentage for example, you can test changing the values on different blue boxes (cells in column B) and the formula will automatically update with the new data. Keep altering values until you get the desired target outcome. Just make sure your final total remains in the positives. Once it turns negative, it means you don’t have enough to afford all activities (expenses, investing, saving, etc) for the given values in the blue boxes.


Thanks for all of your positive feedback. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with these spreadsheets. Or if you have any ideas for improvement or new sheets.


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