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One Year Blogiversary – Goals

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One Year Blogiversary Goals PinIf you have been following along with the blog, a few weeks ago Dividend Daze just passed its one year milestone. It was decided to spread out the celebration to the whole month of November. Last week I posted about the Growth of the site itself as well as my portfolio and dividend income. This week will be the last post in the blogiversary series covering goals.


When I started this blog, I had a few goals in mind. As time goes on, just as your financial goals change, my blogging goals changed as well. I now have a completely new outlook and new set of goals I want to achieve. And I am sure in the future years, they will change again as the site grows and I hit new milestones. I often talk and post about reaching my financial goals. Wither it be forward dividends, capital invested into portfolio, maxing out retirement accounts, paying off debt, dividends collected, etc. However, I never really talk about my blogging goals. Let’s review some of my goals from the past, present, and future.


Past Goals

Build a Website – This was my first attempt at building a website so I mostly just wanted to make one to see if I could. Add a new skill set to better myself in some way. Mostly just try to get as much knowledge I could on the process.


Become a Member of the Community– I have been following the DGI community for at least a year or so since I started investing. Could never interact with the community in any way. I wanted to change that. I know as soon as your site is live, you are technically in the DGI community. But I wanted to become more than that. I wanted to converse and network with other like-minded individuals. Either through comments on my blog or commenting on other great blogs we can share each other’s journeys. I wanted to try and stand out and be a respected member of the community.


Education – Part of being on a personal finance blog is education and teaching others. Tell people about life lessons you have learned along the way that may help their journeys or prevent them from making similar mistakes. I wanted to write more educational articles people could reference or share with others on important financial topics.



Obviously, after hitting my one year milestone, looks like those goals have more or less been achieved. Looking back on the past goals, I still share some of those thoughts. The website itself is already up and running, but new features are always being added or improved. I will never stop interacting with the community and trying to help old and new bloggers alike any way I can. And I am constantly trying to add value over time for my readers. That is always in the back of my mind when I make any changes to the site. Writing posts, updating or adding blog features, making new chart visualizations, it is all to benefit or make it easier for the readers.


Future Goals

Content– Content is key, as is consistency. Everyone knows that. I will achieve this goal in a few ways. I want to continue to provide quality content for my readers. Consistently post a few times a month and keep adding new features to add value to the reader experience. I have recently updated my blog theme for a smoother layout and feel. I have a few ideas in my head for new spreadsheets as well as graphs and visualizations. I also have a few ideas for more features, but you will have to wait and see on those.


SEO, Social Media, and Blog Traffic– I have really not tried to build my social media accounts up at all. Also, my pages are not totally optimized for SEO. I would like to go through and update all my posts and pages to be more suitable for SEO to increase organic traffic. Social media accounts should also be focused on to build a greater audience to provide value to and network with.


I have already taken a few steps to be proactive on this goal. I have the Yoast SEO plugin to help with my SEO on posts and pages. I have slowly been going back through everything to optimize them. Secondly, I have been creating and adding new Pinterest images to all posts. Pinterest is a huge source of traffic according to the blogging world and I would love to dive deeper into that. One way is by using Tailwind. It is a scheduling and automation software that automatically publishes your pins at the best analyzed times across all your boards. It not only saves you tons of time from manually pinning, but will increase your outreach by huge amounts. You can try a free trial of Tailwind through my referral link here. I will be doing a write up on it at some point in time.


Monetize– For the past year, monetization was never big on my priority list. My main goal remains to add value for all of my readers and viewers. However, the fact of the matter remains it stills costs money to have a site and keep it running. So earning a little here and there to reinvest back into the blog will go miles so I can continue to do what I love to do and stay active in the community.


One way to have a win/win situation is though affiliate marketing. I find great stuff all the time that I want to share with you guys but there is really no way of contact besides social media which is inefficient or dedicating an entire blog post to something. Most of the time it is not worth having its own post. So I would like to have an email list where I can share my findings with everyone. I am in no way a sales kind of guy and I hate pushing things on people. But I also love doing research and saving money. I always find awesome deals or interesting products and services that make my life easier. So why not share my findings and give others the same opportunity? Everyone loves saving money and finding good deals, now they won’t even have to do the research themselves.


So I have moved my email list to Mailchimp which will help my goal of maintaining a list and give me another way to provide more value to each subscriber. I hate spam mail so I will make sure there is none of that. Just informational, informative, and value driven content same as the foundation my site is built on. It is free to join so feel free to sign up and reap the benefits!

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Let me know if you have any trouble with the form below. Feel free to send me an email. It is still fairly new and some of the emails are being put in the spam/ junk box for some reason.


The second thing I have done proactively is sign up for an affiliate ShareASale account. This site gives me access to tons of different affiliate opportunities. Anything from blogging courses I have taken, to products and services I use every day. This way, I can forward all the same benefits I get onto my awesome readers. If you have a blog you would like to monetize, or to try to get into affiliate marketing, ShareASale is a great place to start. You can sign up through my link here.


It has been a great first year blogging! I can’t wait for year to and to pass more milestones. Also to be able to come back and review my goals and see how I did to accomplish them. Next milestone is December dividends. I have a good feeling we will all be breaking monthly and yearly records with this one. Thank you all again for reading and being the biggest part of this blog. The community has made it a truly memorable year. Next year better watch out because it is about to get even better!



  1. This is great Mr. Daze. I feel like I am trying to follow in your footsteps as a blogger. Your approach and thoughts are really interesting to me. Being in the blog business for a little less than 3 months, I am mostly focused on content and promotion to build up a reader base. I have spent a ton of time on Pinterest trying to set it up and use it as a marketing tool for the blog. I tried Tailwind, but recently switched to BoardBooster. It is more intuitive and easier for me. Let me know if you ever want to chat about Pinterest. I go to your PInterest home page from time to time and look for your content to repin.
    Congrats on your successes with facebook and twitter. I haven’t even touched those yet. So much that can be done and so little time, but it is fun and challenging. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Should You Invest in the Stock Market Now?My Profile

    1. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the kind words. Glad we have a similar mind set on some things. Promotion is a lot harder than I thought but it gets better over time. I am still not the best on Pinterest but getting better. Always open to talking and sharing ideas. I hear BoardBooster can be used pretty successfully next to Tailwind. I like that Tailwind gives you tribes though, which can be pretty effective.

      I was iffy on twitter when I started but now it is my favorite social media for blogging. My recommendation would be to make an account for all social media, even if you never use it. Just like a domain, have it so no one else can take the name and you later regret it. You can always start using it at a later time if you want. I agree, so many things to do and so little time. But do what you can and have fun with it!

    1. I am sure we will see a lot of people set new goals come the new year. Myself included on the financial side anyway. Just need to wait and see how the rest of the year goes to reassess what is attainable for the upcoming year. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings us all. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Nice daze i use yoast and notice the difference. Never heard of the other will look into that. Recently i have been stepping up my plugin game. Security and backups were something i didnt have before! Like u i lack social media. Ill start working on my twitter game and just started following ya.
    Keep it up
    Passivecanadianincome recently posted…Recent Buys/SellMy Profile

    1. Yeah I have downloaded a few new plugins as well. Just don’t want to have too much going on and it slows down the site is all. But security and backups are important. Thanks for the follow, I always repay the favor to the community members on social media as well. Thanks for commenting!

    1. I didn’t know you couldn’t get it in blogspot. But I am sure there is something else along the same lines you can use instead. Going to be a lot of work going through and optimizing everything but worth it in the end I’m sure. I appreciate the comment!

  3. Congrats again on passing the 1 year milestone! And thanks for sharing your unique perspective on the past year. It’s also cool to hear about your plans for blogging. I want to write an annual financial goals post, and I want to write a blogging goals post too. Like you said, the key is consistency with content. Similarly to your blogging goals, I’m mostly focused on building up content. Through sharing content on Pinterest and social media, it caused me to realize that I need more original content to share the entire story. I’ve got about 210 posts published now, and I have a long term goal of 1,000. I’d be interested in your write-up on Pinterest, and I’m looking forward to your seeing how your experience with ShareASale goes. Wish you all the best in your 2nd year of blogging! Take care 🙂
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…DI Report #6 – Dividend Income earned in November 2017My Profile

    1. There is so much to do but never enough time for it. Optimize old posts, write more content, produce images for posts, set up automation, etc. I agree content and consistency is key. Looks like you have a good amount of content now anyway, but always helps producing more. I want to try to get a tailwind tribe going with a bunch of people in the community but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Looking forward to your goals post as well. One thing at a time and take advantage of those small victories to push you to the bigger ones.

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