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One Year Blogiversary – Growth

one year blogiversary growthLast week, I announced my one year blogaversary, or my one year of starting Dividend Daze. Since this is such a tremendous milestone for any blogger, I decided to expand the celebration to more than one day and more than one post. This will be my first of two posts to dive deeper into the events of this past year of blogging.

As stated in last week’s post, one of the main areas of blogging is growth. Growth and tracking are the main ways you can see if you are going in the right direction. If what you’re doing is working or your strategies have any merit. Growth can be broken down in many ways.


My favorite area of growth is financial growth. If you follow this site, you know I am a dividend investor. I love seeing those dividend numbers and growth rates go up each month. With each new buy, my forward dividend total rises and I get closer to financial freedom! Below are links to my very first dividend update. Since November 2017 has not been completed yet and I am still collecting dividends, I will update the post accordingly later. But for you lucky few reading now, you will get a little sneak peek at my potential November dividends!


November 2016 – I collected $55.03 in dividends from 4 companies.

November 2017 – I am on pace to collect about $80 in dividends from 7 companies.


That is roughly 40% increase year over year!  Even though portfolio value gives you a slight indication on how your investments are doing, I really don’t ever pay much attention to it. Portfolio value is subjective based on market conditions. Tomorrow, the market could drop 20%. I would still have the exact same shares of stock, and they would pay me the same amount of dividends. So, using portfolio value as a growth metric seems irrelevant to me. However, for the most part, forward dividends remain the same or always grow granted you choose quality companies for the long term that keep growing their dividends and do not cut or eliminate them. I wish I had the metric for this point in time when I started, but I can tell you my forward dividends today are close to the 1k mark for the first time ever! So next year will be the big push to collect the four digit mark in dividends per year. That is proof of portfolio growth if have ever seen it.

stock market data growth

The second area of growth is the site itself. It’s funny going back and reading old posts. My first dividend update was only about 150 words haha. Although I understand there was nothing to compare it to so there was really no analytics to be shared. I like to think my posts have gotten more in-depth and way more well written since then. The blog also recently got a brand new look which I am digging!


A lot of bloggers like to track their traffic. It is one of the indicators that show blog growth. I have never really looked too deep into it, but maybe I should in the coming year. Looking at the few metrics I have on blog traffic, my first month of blogging I had a total of 93 views. Could not even break the 100 mark and I guarantee half of those views were my own haha. I know the site isn’t huge on traffic by any means, but it has gone up substantially since then. Earlier this month, I posted my most recent buy of T. The first day that post went live, it generated an impressive 206 views by itself. That more than doubles my whole entire first month of blogging!


stock market growth increase income

One of the main reasons for blog growth is its social media channels. When I started the blog, they were obviously at zero with no followers. All I had was a simple Facebook account. Since then I have created a Twitter and Pinterest page. I love that my new blog theme tracks social media numbers for me in the side bar! So now I have it all in one place and don’t have to keep logging into my accounts and searching for it. Social media numbers as of today are as follows:


Facebook – 55

Twitter – 1254

Pinterest – 13


Obviously, you can see where I spend my time lol. Never thought I would have or like being in Twitter. But it has grown on me. I think for blogging, it is huge for networking and interacting with peers.  Pinterest is fairly new from within the past few months so I am not worried about seeing such a low number. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to add me on all social media platforms and share my posts. In the meanwhile, I will just keep trying to provide more value to all readers.


Ideally, I would love to grow my social media accounts a lot more. Guess we will wait and see what happens. Now at least I have a post to look back on in a year from now that I can use for comparison. I am a big chart/graph and analytics/ visualization nerd so hope to come up with some cool stuff by then to display the data for you guys.


Looks like all the numbers are up! Traffic, social media followers, positions in my portfolio, and most importantly, forward dividends and dividends collected! Not seeing too many negatives or downsides. Well… besides the amount of free time I have left haha. But that is a post for another time. Thanks again for reading and following along. You all play a huge part in the growth of Dividend Daze and I appreciate it!



    1. That is what I’m talking about. Getting $100 a month only happens on quarter ending months and it is still close. Can’t wait to see consistent triple digit months all year. Gotta love the snowball effect.

  1. Congrats Daze! May you blog for many many more years my friend : )

    BTW, I completely forgot about my blog’s one year anniversary, back in July this year. Now, I have to wait till July to celebrate 2 years anniversary. Hopefully, I would still be blogging.

    BTW, that BARCHART stuff didn’t work. Ended up wasting quite a bit time on it last weekend. Sent a note to their support team, no response yet. I think we are stuck with Google Finance for now.

    1. It happens. Sometimes you just get caught up in it and other things like visualizations and time flies by. But I bet you will still be blogging by then anyway so nothing to worry about.

      Thanks for the heads up on BarChart. Guess it is worth a try anyway so now you know. I am still surprised Google hasn’t added more dividend metrics to be used on their docs. I don’t know if you follow Two Investing at all, but they just redid their spreadsheets. I haven’t gotten a chance to look deeply into it yet and try to reverse engineer the formulas but that may be something you look at and see if it can be used in your visualizations. They do some nice work on their spreadsheets.

      1. I don’t follow TwoInvesting, but I just went to their website and tried to look at their spreadsheet you mentioned. The page returns Not-Found. It seems they have taken down the spreadsheet.

        Most people who were getting dividend data automatically were getting it from Yahoo Finance, which is no more as you know.

        The only other free option is to use ImportXML to scrape the data, but it has its own limitation of how much data you can scrape since Google has a query limit.

        For now, I just enter div data manually, it’s not too bad and keeps me more alert to dividend increases etc.

        1. I am sure its out there somewhere, but what would be awesome is if there was a website that you list out the companies you own and they send you an email whenever one of your companies increases its dividend. That would be a business venture I could get behind. Would be huge for the community and all investors.

          1. And there is such a website : ) It’s called If you are willing to fork out $30/mo, they would send you email alerts on your stock holdings for the dividend change/announcements.

            I personally think $30/mo (discounted, normally $50/mo) is too steep for an individual investor, especially when the dividend information is publicly available. It doesn’t take much effort to look up dividend info on free sites like

          2. I agree, that is too much to spend. I am surprised sites like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, or even Seeking Alpha don’t have a feature like that for free. Or even $5 a month might not be too bad. But I agree, it takes me 10 minutes to go through my portfolio on nasdaq and manually update my documents.

  2. Year 1 was a great foundation. Now it is time to build the house Daze. Cannot wait to see what Year 2 has in store for you and your blog. Looking forward to it. Keep up the great work and keep up the hustle.


    1. Hustle is the name of the game. Just need to get better at it. No one knows it like you guys. Thanks for the comment! Stay inspirational. Year 2 should be interesting.

    1. Yeah, I believe you are right. And we have a nice little competition going. Need to keep it up to keep it competitive right?

  3. Congrats on reaching 1 year of blogging, and congrats on 40% YOY dividend growth! I don’t pay as much attention to portfolio value either.

    In regards to tracking the site growth, that’s definitely something I’ve been interested since I started blogging. I’d like to think my writing has improved too. My early articles seem laughable at this point. But I’m sure I’ll be saying that down the road again.

    Congrats on your success with social media. Twitter is my prefered network too. I sort of missed my 1 year blogoversary post. I’m actually approaching the two year blogoversary for RTC now. I’m considering writing a post to celebrate if I can find more time. Still have a few more posts to publish first. Congrats again on your 1 year! Wishing you many more years of blogging to come! Keep it up!

    1. It is hard to get caught up in everything and miss an event or milestone. I have so many ideas for posts too I want to write but no time to do so. I really want to give this pinterest thing a try to see what it can do for traffic. I still have the trial of tailwind to test out. We should try to build a tribe together or something. As always, I appreciate the comments! Looking forward to your two year post.

    1. Not a problem. Better late than never. I feel the same way, I haven’t been able to comment as much as I want to. Too many great blogs to comment on and never enough time. Especially with the holidays. Glad you are enjoying reading the blog. Looking forward to seeing yours grow over the next year as well. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

    1. I do as well. Maybe I will try to dabble in the automation sometime next year. We will see how it works out. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your blog numbers!! Dividends are always obviously the main focus, but I’m a recent blogger as well. It’s great to see the difference in your page views currently versus when you first started. I may also have to hop on the social media train according to your post!

    1. That is what I am trying to do. Help newer bloggers if I can on how to improve and learn a few things early on to help future growth faster. Feel free to add me on social media if you haven’t already. I follow back and like to share others posts if they are good content. Thanks for the comment, best of luck on your blog!

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