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One Year Blogiversary!

one year blogiversary pinThis week, a major event happened to this site. Dividend Daze turns one! I can’t believe it has been a full year since the creation and launch of this site. I am ecstatic at look back and see all that has accomplished over the past year and where it is now.  Most blogs don’t last the first few months, so I am extremely glad I have been able to keep this site going, and hope for many more years ahead as well.


It was hard to figure out how I was going to write this post. It should be pretty easy, but one year is a long time and this is a major event. There has been so much that has happened and tons of topics I want to cover. I could honestly write a post for each topic or idea since there is so much content.


One big topic is growth. That term can be taken in so many different ways. For one it could be growth of the site itself. That could mean the traffic, audience, comments, or any set of analytics. I consider any change to the site or feature added as growth. You have already read about a few of the changes I recently made by the addition of the Side Hustles/ Affiliates tab as well as my brand new Blog Theme.  Although, those have already been covered so I don’t need to recap and of those posts. Growth could also mean the growth of the social media accounts. By the way, don’t forget to add me on social media. There are links on the side bar to all my pages.


But the main area we all love to track and grow is our Dividends! That could be anything from forward dividend totals, dividends collected per year, portfolio value, etc. There is tons of fun analysis I could run on those stats. We all probably know I am a graph and chart nerd.


The next category is education. What have I learned from the past year of blogging? Anything I did correct or incorrect I can pass on the knowledge to others. Are there any tips or tricks I can give to others who currently blog or wish to start a blog of their own? Lastly, that leaves us with goals. I already post and have a separate page about my financial goals. But I really don’t discuss my blog goals to often. What I want moving forward. How I will achieve it. Proactive steps I have taken or will take to achieve those goals.


one year blogiversary banner


With so many ideas and so much content to cover, I couldn’t justify cramming everything into one post. So like a teenage girl on her birthday, I have decided to turn the rest of the month into Birthday month!…or rather, Blogiversary month! I am going to be breaking the topics down from this post into two other posts. I believe this will do Dividend Daze more justice and give it the celebration this event deserves.  It will also give me a post to look back to in a year or more and compare results. Much like dividend income reports, we can see if my processes are working and I am hitting my goals. The better analysis and tracking now, the easier and better it will be for future analytics.


But I won’t leave you hanging. Did you really think I was just going to make a post to tell you I was making more posts? That would be rude, and kind of funny.


Let’s recap some of the recognition this site has gotten over the past year and some of the accomplishments it has achieved.


Rockstar Finance DIV-Net Modest Money top financial blogs list top 100 dividend blogs award


Added to Rockstar Finance alongside some of the biggest named bloggers in the game. Joined the DIV-NET which I consider an elite group of Dividend bloggers. Made Modest Money’s Top Finance Blog list. The highest I have been ranked is #329. Lastly, made the Top 100 list of Best Dividend Blogs. Happy to be on all of these lists and included with some of the biggest and best bloggers out there.


Blogging is what you make it. I don’t do it for the fame, money, or awards and recognition. I love it most for the networking aspect. Getting to converse with so many like-minded people and share different ideas. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you everyone! From the other bloggers out there who are regulars to posting on the site, people who follow me on social media, people who are trying to learn about personal finance and better themselves, or those who just love to read along and follow the journey. I really appreciate it and I know I speak for everyone when I say that is what keeps you blogging at the end of the day. Thank you again! Stay tuned for more soon!



    1. It’s gonna be YUGE! haha. I can’t believe the first year has gone by so fast. Feels great accomplishing so much. More to come in the future. Glad you enjoy the theme as well!

    1. Thank you! It helps having such a great community backing you. Just wish I had more time for work on the blog and more time to read and comment on others. Not enough time in the day! As always, I appreciate your comment.

    1. I figure if you are going to do something, do it right. And try your best to make it as quality and value oriented as possible. I better get a move on writing those next posts now. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  1. Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary, Dividend Daze! I hope to be following your journey for years to come. I always feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of content to cover as well. I just never have enough time to publish it all. I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts you have planned for the birthday month! Keep it up!
    Reverse the Crush recently posted…Week-off Recap and FI Goals for NovemberMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoy the content. I feel the same way, there is way too much I want to cover. And time constraints are always there with work, school, and life. I also wish I had more time to just read and comment on other peoples blogs in the community. Hope to be more involved soon.

    1. Thank a lot Tom! I appreciate your kind words. Glad you are enjoying the site content and layout. And thank you for following on social media. Looking forward to seeing what follows. Glad you created and blog as well and joined the DGI community! Hope you find it just as rewarding.

    1. Thanks my friend! Crazy how fast it goes. Think you are 5-6 months into it yourself. Half way there haha. Just wish my portfolio was to your size.

    1. Thanks a lot DH. Love hitting milestones, even when they aren’t necessarily investing or dividend ones. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings. As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. Thanks SMM! That is why we do it right? To help others. Glad you are enjoying the content. Hope to keep the same level of quality up moving forward. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Dividend Daze,

    Congrats on your one year anniversary. I can honestly say that your blog is one of the ones I routinely check for updates. You always have good content. The new theme has definitely grown on me. You’re absolutely right in that one of the best parts of blogging is the networking involved. Well, I for one am glad I got the chance to come across your blog. I always look forward to seeing what you’re going to post next. Congrats again!
    Dividend Portfolio recently posted…Inspirational Quotes Of The Month – November 2017My Profile

    1. Thank you a lot! Glad you are enjoying the content. Your blog is the same for me, and I check for updates a lot haha. Glad you also share the thought of wanting to keep providing more value to all readers. Looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store. As always, I appreciate you reading and commenting!

  3. Hey, congratulations. 1 year is so exciting! I LOVE turning it into a month…because you are right. Who can cram all the wholesome annual learnings into one post! Keep it up!

    1. You are absolutely correct! One post just isn’t enough. And stretching it out makes it way more fun anyway for a celebration. Maybe taking that time to review and look ahead will trigger some new amazing content! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Thank you! Hard to follow your 1 year post. You got a few months on me. Hope there will be many more great years for the both of us!

  4. Congrats on a full year that is awesome. It seems like you are really getting a lot out of it on a personal level. What is the number 1 thing you have learned that has helped you the most in your first year?

    1. That is a really great question. What aspect are your referring to? Learned about investing, dividends, social media, blogging, etc? I would have to say that blogging takes way more time and effort that I originally had thought. So try to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons so that time is worth it. It helps to write about things you are passionate about and the time feels to fly by.

    1. I agree. I feel like it was just the other day that I was posting a record high with 2016 December dividends. Now I have broken that record once or twice this year already, and will break a brand new record this December. It goes quick but a year is a decent amount of time and a lot can happen to your portfolio if you are doing the right things. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Congrats on your 1st year! It really is amazing all you’ve accomplished in the last year! Blogging is really a great platform to share what you know. Every action you’ve took, good or bad, someone will be able to learn from you. So thank you for sharing with us!

    1. That is a great point. It isn’t about just sharing the good, but the bad also can teach valuable lessons. And having so many like minded people to network with helps to share ideas. Anything you can learn from someones writing just adds more value to the content. As always, I appreciate the comment!

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